Video shows Florida deputy fatally shooting gunman whose brother lay dying after hotel altercation

Video released Friday shows the moment earlier this month when a Florida deputy shot and killed a gunman, whose brother is nearby and bleeding to death after an altercation at an Orlando hotel.

Siblings Dylan Michael Jimenez, 21, and Bryan Matthew Richardson, 28, both died following the incident, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

The sheriff’s office released body camera video of deputies responding Aug. 6 to a 12:30 p.m. shooting outside the Orlando hotel, where they found Jimenez with gunshot wounds.

Image: The Orange County sheriff's deputy fatally shoots a man
The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida released body camera video of a suspected shooter who was fatally shot on August 6.Orange County Sheriff’s Office

The video begins with a deputy talking to a man who claims to be a paramedic and tending to an injured man on the ground who is shot in the right side of the chest.

The deputy can be heard in the video telling the paramedic that they are going to treat the injured person by placing a seal on his chest. The assistant then orders the paramedic to put the injured person on his back and open his airways.

Cries of “he has a gun, he has a gun” are then heard on the video. Someone is also heard shouting that the person with the gun is pointing it at people.

The deputy then walks over to a man and orders him to “drop the gun”, while a second deputy appears to be struggling with the man’s left hand. The video then shows the unidentified deputy firing several bullets at the nearby man. The injured man is then seen in the video collapsing by a van.

Richardson and Jimenez were pronounced dead in hospital, police said.

Before deputies arrived outside the hotel, officials said, Jimenez and Richardson got into an altercation with a third man outside the hotel. Jimenez and the third man, who has not been identified, shot each other. The brothers then ran to the north side of the hotel where Richardson fell to the ground. The man who allegedly shot Richardson survived his injuries, police said.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina in an introduction to the filming videosaid his office is “committed to transparency and believes it is essential to maintain accountability and build trust between this agency and the public.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will conduct an independent investigation, Mina said. The deputy who fired his gun was placed on paid administrative leave, Mina said.

He has worked in the sheriff’s office since 2018, agency officials said.

No one from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement could be reached on Monday.

Attorney Mark NeJame is representing the family of the deceased brothers. He thanked Sheriff Mina for posting the shooting video “of his own volition.”

He said, however, that it appears the deputy who killed Richardson “clearly used excessive force and overreacted.”

NeJame said witnesses said Richardson was protecting his injured brother and the crowd near Jimenez because a gunman was on the run.

NeJame said that Richardson had just seen his brother being shot was most likely in shock. He added that it’s unclear whether the deputy in the video knew Richardson was armed prior to his fatal shooting.

The shooting was an “unnecessary use of violence against someone who had already been victimized, Bryan,” NeJame said.

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