Video Released of Police Officer Shooting Woman Who Shot Gun at Dallas Love Field Airport

Dallas Police released the video on Tuesday of the incident involving a woman who fired a gun at Dallas Love Field before an officer shot her.

The woman wearing a black hoodie appeared to be aiming the gun in the air late Monday morning, before shooting it down and pointing it straight, prompting 15-year-old Dallas police veteran Ronald Cronin to fire immediately.

Surveillance footage was played without sound, but terminal passengers could be seen in panic, running away, taking over and stomping on the ground.

“I’m very proud of him (the officer),” Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia told reporters. “If it was appropriate, I would have given this officer a medal in front of you all today.”

Before the suspect pulled out a gun, she told passers-by she had an announcement to make, police said.

“(The suspect) started rambling, talking about a wedding, being incarcerated and the fact that she was going to blow up the airport, then pulled a handgun out of her sweatshirt,” Garcia said. .

She fired “several shots” into the ceiling at 11:06 a.m. CDT before Cronin ordered her to drop her gun, Garcia said.

It was then that the woman lowered the gun and pointed it at Cronin and a passerby, Garcia said.

The officer could be seen quickly taking cover behind a ticketing kiosk before bending down to shoot the suspect.

Chief Garcia praised his officer’s quick work in taking down the gunwoman before anyone could be harmed.

“The goal is to neutralize a threat. You have to shoot to stop the threat,” Garcia said of the officer, who fired eight or nine rounds, hitting the woman multiple times.

Suspect Portia Odufuwa, 37underwent surgery and faces charges of aggravated assault against an official, Garcia said.

The suspect claimed she was married to R&B singer Chris Brown, according to a police affidavit and witness Colby James, 33, a stagehand from St. Martinville, Louisiana.

“Her husband was cheating and her husband was Chris Brown,” James told NBC News. “Singer Chris Brown. I think she was delusional.”

Representatives for the artist could not immediately be reached for comment.

Five rounds were left in his magazine and three casings were recovered, police said.

Odufuwa has a lengthy criminal record, according to Garcia.

She tried to buy a gun twice from the same pawnshop in August 2016, but was turned down each time due to a pending traffic warrant out of New Mexico.

The weapon used in Monday’s incident is not registered with Odufuwa and investigators are still trying to determine how she obtained the weapon.

She was also arrested on April 5, 2019, for an alleged bank robbery in Wylie and taken into custody again on October 4 of the same year for an alleged arson attack in Mesquite, police said.

Police have not released a possible motive for Monday’s shooting, but mental health played a role in his lengthy arrest record.

The suspect was arrested Sept. 28, 2020, at Love Field for a mental health evaluation, Garcia said.

Court records showed that a judge last year declared her unfit to stand trial after being accused of giving a false report. However, she was not deemed dangerous to others and was sent to outpatient mental health services.

And in the 2019 bank robbery case, she was found unfit to stand trial. The case was dismissed after she underwent treatment, according to court records.

Anthony Cusumano, Diana Darsrath and The Associated Press contributed.

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