Ukrainians applaud Russia’s defeats after General Putin tells Putin they support the war

Video footage from Ukraine appears to show residents of areas previously occupied by Russian troops cheering as they are liberated by Ukrainian soldiers.

The footage comes days after a senior Russian military official claimed Ukrainians support the Russian occupation in Ukraine.

Ukraine is push to regain ground Russians in the Kherson and Kharkiv regions. According CNNukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday that Ukrainian troops had recaptured 1,000 square kilometers as part of their effort to regain territory in the regions.

CNN also reported that a spokesperson for the Ukrainian military in the south of the country said on television Friday that troops had “advanced on enemy positions from two to tens of kilometers in various areas. But we don’t ‘let’s not yet announce the names of the settlements and the directions in which we are successful.’

Ukrainians applaud Russia's defeat
Members of the Ukrainian army are seen during a farewell ceremony for a sniper, known as Tengri, at the gold-domed St. Michael’s Monastery September 3 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Video footage from Ukraine appears to show residents of areas previously occupied by Russian troops cheering as they are liberated by Ukrainian soldiers.
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A video posted on Twitter by journalist Maksym Eristavi would have shows dozens of Ukrainian citizens cheering for Ukrainian troops as they advance in the Kherson region.

Another video on Twitter, job by Visegrád 24, which organizes news about Central and Eastern Europe, reportedly shows an elderly woman kissing a Ukrainian soldier as an area is liberated.

“Heartwarming images from Ukraine. An elderly woman freezes when she sees a soldier near her home because she thinks he is part of the Russian army,” the account wrote on Twitter.

“The Ukrainian soldier says ‘it’s our guys coming’ and she gives him a long hug. This is what the release looks like after 6 months,” he added.

Newsweek could not independently verify the authenticity of the videos.

“My Twitter feed is filled with videos of Ukrainian warriors liberating their land and being greeted by cheering crowds. Too early to be too joyful, but the momentum right now is clearly on Ukraine’s side,” said Michael McFaul, former United States Ambassador to Russia. tweeted Friday.

The footage comes after the Daily Beast reported in late August that the director of Russia’s National Guard had told the Russian president Vladimir Poutine that Ukrainian citizens support the efforts of the Russian army.

“I would like to emphasize that we can feel that the population of the liberated areas supports us. They realize that we are defending their right to a peaceful life and the happiness of their children,” military official Viktor Zolotov said, according to the Beast. daily.

Newsweek contacted the Russian and Ukrainian Defense Ministries for comment.

Earlier this week, Ukrainian military officials said Russian troops were suffering “significant losses” as the Ukrainian offensive in Kherson continued.

A 26-year-old US special forces veteran who is currently training Ukrainian forces said Newsweek this week that he expected Ukraine’s push in Kherson to be “very bloody” and expensive for both sides.

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