Ukraine destroys Russian supply bridges, 20% of ground forces

Ukrainian troops blew up two main bridges that Russian troops used to access occupied territory, as the country’s top soldier said on Saturday that a fifth of invading ground forces had been ‘destroyed’ as the conflict approaching its sixth month.

The Antonivsy road bridge and the Kherson railway bridge over the Dnipro River were heavily damaged in attacks earlier this week and are ‘probably unusable for heavy military vehicles’, according to a British intelligence report released on Saturday . This could mean Russian soldiers are stuck with limited options for new supplies or weapons to reach them.

Both spans were used by Russian forces in the occupied city of Kherson on the Black Sea to transport soldiers and war material. Large parts of the region are occupied by Russian soldiers.

“The two main road bridges providing access to the pocket of Russian-occupied territory on the west bank of the Dnipro in Kherson Oblast are now likely out of use for substantial military resupply purposes,” the briefing said. British intelligence services. “On August 10, 2022, Ukrainian precision strikes likely rendered the road crossing the Dnipro River at Nova Kakhovka unusable for heavy military vehicles. In recent days, Russia has managed only cursory repairs to the damaged Antonivsky road bridge, which likely remains structurally weak.

The Ukrainian war is approaching its sixth month.
Apparently a fifth of the invading ground forces were “destroyed”.
The destroyed bridges were at the heart of the Russian mobilization.
Russian soldiers may be stuck with limited options for new supplies or weapons to reach them.

Even if Russia carried out repairs to the bridges, they would remain “a key vulnerability”, according to the report. “Land resupply for the several thousand Russian troops in the West Bank almost certainly depends on just two pontoon crossing points,” the British report said. “With their limited supply chain, the size of the stockpiles that Russia has managed to establish in the West Bank is likely to be a key factor in the endurance of the force.”

Ukrainian troops have “destroyed” a fifth of the Russian ground forces in the country, the head of the Ukrainian armed forces, General Valeri Zaluzhnyi, told the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley. during a phone call Saturday.

The Ukrainian government has not released casualty reports, citing efforts to boost the morale of their country's fighters.
Russia is said to have lost up to 20,000 soldiers in the conflict.
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Western officials estimate that Russia has lost up to 20,000 troops in the conflict, which began when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. The Ukrainian government has not released casualty reports, citing efforts to boost the morale of their country’s fighters.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on world leaders to restrict visas for Russian nationals and declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

“There must be a guarantee that Russian killers and guides to state terrorism will not use Schengen,” Zelensky said in a video address on Friday. “You can’t destroy the very idea of ​​Europe, our common European values… You can’t turn Europe into a supermarket that doesn’t matter who comes in.”

This week, the Latvian parliament declared Russia a sponsor of terrorism for violence against civilians in Ukraine, while Estonia approved restrictions on tourist visas for Russian citizens entering the country. On Friday, Kyiv called on other countries to do the same, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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