Trump says he and Queen Elizabeth ‘talked all night’ during UK trip: ‘We had great chemistry’

donald trump spoke with the British broadcaster Nigel Farage to further share his thoughts on Queen Elizabeth II, whom he called an “extraordinary woman” who he had “good chemistry” with.

“Well, it’s a sad day. It’s sad all over the world,” said the former President when Mr Farage asked him on Thursday evening on GB News what his immediate impressions were on learning of the monarch’s passing. “She was an amazing woman… she did it so long and so well,” he added, noting that “she never made a mistake.”

Mr Farage specifically touched on when the former president met the Queen in 2019 and asked what the former president remembered from that well-documented meeting.

“Well, we were only going to hang out for a short time and we got along really well and we spent a lot more time than people thought and that was really something,” he said. “We had good chemistry. And then, as you remember, that night there was a big party and I sat next to the queen, and we just talked all night. She was amazing. She was amazing to talk to and so strong. Her spirit was so sharp and just being with her was something very special.

Mr Trump also explained how his mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, was a “huge” fan of the Queen.

“She loved everything about the Queen. When the queen was on, my mum was there watching,” he said.

The former president’s comments on British radio largely echoed what he had shared on Truth Social hours earlier. Mr. Trump notably posted immediately after learning of her death.

“Melania and I are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Together with our family and fellow Americans, we send our heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family and people of the United Kingdom at this time of great sadness. and grief,” he wrote in a series of “Truths.”

The former president continued: ‘Melania and I will always cherish our time with the Queen and will never forget Her Majesty’s generous friendship, great wisdom and wonderful sense of humour. What a tall, beautiful lady she was – there was no one like her!

The one-term president visited Buckingham Palace in 2019 after the Queen invited him and Melania Trump for a state visit. It was a confrontation that, at the time, was seen as only underscoring the ideological differences between the two leaders.

“After the shared sacrifices of World War II, Britain and the United States worked with other allies to build an assembly of international institutions, to ensure that the horrors of the conflict would never be repeated,” the queen said at the time, referring to institutions like NATO, which Mr Trump has repeatedly criticized. “As the world has changed, we are still mindful of the original purpose of these structures: nations working together to safeguard a hard-won peace.”

During his interview with Mr Farage, Mr Trump praised the Queen for her “brilliant” ability to navigate political landmines and “stay out of controversy” despite “there has always been controversy with the family”.

He told an anecdote where he asked the reigning monarch, “who was your favorite president?” and she replied, “I love them all”.

“It’s a global event,” he said, conceding that “it was a day coming” but a “very sad event”.

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