The next Apple Watch Pro could feature supposed satellite functions

For over a year, Apple has been rumored to be working on the possibility of bringing satellite functionality to the iPhone. First suggested for the iPhone 13 series, this feature may now be available with the iPhone 14 coming soon. While this feature may help iPhone users report emergencies in areas without cellular service, Apple has now discussed bringing this feature to a new generation of the rumored Apple Watch Pro.

The information comes from Bloombergis Mark Gurman in his To light up newsletter. According to the reporter, a new generation of the unannounced rugged Apple Watch Pro may have satellite functionality.

The company has also been discussing internally the idea of ​​giving its watches satellite functionality, which could make sense for a future version of the new, more rugged Apple Watch Pro.

In today’s newsletter, Gurman discusses how important adding satellite connectivity to the iPhone could be.

It’s a step up from the current iPhone and Apple Watch functionality to quickly call emergency services and provide them with your location. The features will also give satellite-based standalone devices, such as the Garmin inReach, a run for their money (…) The prospect of having an iPhone that can reach first responders without a cellular connection is just the start of what ‘Apple is Planning. Ultimately, users could have global Internet access and be able to make regular phone calls over satellite links. The combination of fast 5G networks and satellite service could one day make the iPhone the most powerful global communications device available.

Although this feature is not expected for the first generation of the rumored Apple Watch Pro, there are a few features expected for this watch, as you can read more about below.

What to expect from the Apple Watch Pro?

Apple Watch Pro Battery

On September 7, Apple will announce the iPhone 14 alongside the Apple Watch Series 8. A new Apple Watch SE and this rugged Apple Watch Pro are also expected to be announced during the “Far Out” keynote.

According to information from Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch Pro will visually differentiate itself from the Apple Watch Series 8 with a new design, although rumors differ as to whether or not it will have flat edges. Gurman speaks of an “evolution of the current rectangular shape”.

One of the main changes to the Apple Watch Pro will be the materials from which it is made. Currently, the Apple Watch is available in aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The Apple Watch Pro is said to feature a “more durable titanium formulation” as part of Apple’s efforts to make it as rugged as possible.

Along with this larger design, the watch is also expected to offer improved battery life. Longer battery life will be a key factor for “extreme sports” buyers of this Apple Watch, and that’s apparently something Apple is aware of.

Just like the Apple Watch Series 8, this new Apple Watch Pro is expected to add support for body temperature measurements. The Apple Watch won’t be able to give you an exact measurement of your body temperature, but will instead send you an alert when it detects that your temperature is high. Then you can take your temperature using a traditional thermometer.

Are you excited about this new watch and its satellite features? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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