The 3 signs of the zodiac with approximate horoscopes for Saturday August 13, 2022

Today brings us one of those “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” days. It definitely implies that we will receive news that will be hard to take or uproot us in some way.

We cannot expect a “radical shift” to occur on this day, and yet the transit is somewhat of a setup for this type of transition.

Our lead actor today is the Moon opposite Mercury, which will effortlessly create uncomfortable communicationsand Moon sextile Uranus on top of that, to make sure we don’t understand “why” all of this is happening.

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The majority of problems will revolve around love and relationships today. There’s a lot of motivational questioning, as well as a few moments of paranoid suspicion that will take place today.

It’s not that we don’t necessarily trust someone in our lives, but we will feel compelled to start a fight with them, for reasons we’re not even sure about. We just feel disjointed, like we can’t relax until we cause a little problem.

Some of the zodiac signs may find themselves confronting their loved ones over topics that were at one time considered taboo in the relationship.

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