Attacks on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border break out, potentially reigniting an old conflict

CNN — A decades-old conflict could be on the verge of a reignite, as reports emerged this week of attacks along the Azerbaijan-Armenia border. The Armenian Defense Ministry claimed that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces carried out artillery strikes against Armenian border towns on Tuesday morning. According to the Armenian Defense Ministry, the strike included drones … Read more

Freed Ukrainian residents rejoice as Russian troops ‘flee’ from key city of Kharkiv

Kyiv – Ukrainian troops have made considerable progress, raising their flag again in several towns and villages in the northeast of the country that were, until recently, occupied by invading Russian forces. The Ukrainian army claims to have recovered an area the size of Rhode Island since the beginning of September alone. As CBS News … Read more

Ukraine’s counterattack around Kharkiv defeats Russia

A military truck bearing the “Z” symbol of the invading Russian forces lies in the town of Balakliya, which Ukrainian troops liberated over the weekend. Anadolu Agency | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images Ukraine’s surprise counterattack in the country’s northeast has sent shock waves through the Russian military, with military strategists saying occupying forces have … Read more

Yellen says inflation and rising gas prices remain a ‘risk’

CNN — Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Sunday there is a ‘risk’ that US gas prices could rise again later this year as fears grow that Americans’ wallets could be put to the test. hardship by a price spike similar to the one seen this summer. “Well, it’s a risk. And that’s a risk … Read more

Russia sends reinforcements to Kharkiv as Ukrainians advance

CNN — Russia is bolstering beleaguered military units in Kharkiv as it scrambles to counter a Ukrainian advance that has brought troops from Kyiv to the outskirts of two key towns in the region. Ukrainian forces arrived on the western outskirts of Kupiansk and also struck south towards Izium after advancing more than 50 kilometers … Read more

Russia warns of oil and gas price caps

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the region was facing an extraordinary situation. Thierry Monasse | Getty Images News | Getty Images European Union energy ministers met in Brussels on Friday for emergency talks on how to protect households and businesses from runaway gas and electricity prices ahead of winter . European Commission … Read more

Ukrainian double surprises Russians

Ukrainian forces surprised the occupying Russians with a one-two punch on Thursday, pushing deep into enemy territory to open a second front in Kyiv’s counterattack. Ukrainian authorities have announced the liberation of 20 villages in the northeast, outside Kharkiv, as the army pushes towards the occupied town of Izyum – while continue a fierce fight … Read more

US reacts to ‘desperate’ Putin after accusing US of ‘dictatorship’

Attendees gather near a screen showing Russian President Vladimir Putin delivering a speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in St. Petersburg, Russia, June 17, 2022. Anton Vaganov | Reuters The White House has hit back at Russian President Vladimir Putin after he repeatedly criticized the United States and the Western world in … Read more

Ukraine celebrates ‘success’ of counterattack; Russia retaliates | Russia–Ukraine War

Russian forces lost territory on all fronts in the 28th week of war as a counter-offensive stretched from the southern Kherson region to the country’s eastern and northern fronts, demonstrating the continued capability of the to take the initiative. North Ukrainian forces launched a new counterattack in the northern Kharkiv region on 6 September. Despite … Read more

US aims to preserve ‘dictatorship’ while Europe is sacrificed

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the West is reluctant to recognize “irreversible tectonic shifts” in international relations and that the Asia-Pacific region has become a magnet for human resources, capital and development capabilities. production. Mikhail Svetlov | Getty Images News | Getty Images Russian President Vladimir Poutine on Wednesday accused the United States of … Read more