Missing Russian soldier tells CBS News he and his comrades were ‘lied’ to and soon realized ‘the war was wrong’ in Ukraine

Kyiv — Six months after the start of his war against Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin calls on his country to equip itself with a larger army. He ordered an increase of 137,000 men from January. But if CBS News correspondent Debora Patta’s rare and candid conversation with a Russian paratrooper is any indication, Putin’s … Read more

Japan is turning to more nuclear power – IEA says that’s good news

This image, from March 2022, shows wind turbines in front of the Hamaoka nuclear power plant in Japan. The country now plans to use more nuclear energy in the coming years. Korekore | Istock | Getty Images Japan’s plans to return to using more nuclear power have been welcomed by the International Energy Agency, with … Read more