Apple Discontinues iPod, Mobile Gaming Icon, After 22 Years

photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) Pour one out for every kid who one-strapped a backpack in middle school, as they’re likely in mourning today. With Apple’s discontinuation of the 7th-generation iPod Touch, announced yesterdayit’s official: the iPod is dead. Ostensibly, the iPod was a music device, meant to digitize song libraries and move listeners away … Read more

Nintendo Says It Wants To Avoid A Repeat Of Wii U With Switch’s Successor

Image: Nintendo Since Nintendo announced its financial results yesterday — where it revealed that the Switch has now sold more than 107 million units worldwideand predicted that profits would drop again in the next financial year — there’s been an awful lot of chatter about a Switch successor, hasn’t there? In a Japanese investor Q&A, … Read more

As Switch Hardware Sales Slow, How Long Can Nintendo Delay ‘Switch 2’?

Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grassland Nintendo’s report for the 2021/22 financial year dropped today, and while Switch continues to sell well and software sales are looking healthy, signs that enthusiasm for the five-year-old system is beginning to ebb are also apparent. To be clear, the results present a far from gloomy outlook for the … Read more

Does Nintendo Really Need To Release Mother 3 In The West Anymore?

Image: Nintendo Life / Gavin Lane That mother 3 never got officially localized and released outside Japan has been a source of sadness and frustration for EarthBound fans in the West since the game launched on Game Boy Advance back in 2006. The sequel to cult classic EarthBound — the SNES entry in the Mother … Read more

GoldenEye 007 Gets Four Screen Multiplayer Using $10,000 of Gear

As immensely satisfying as battling your friends in a Goldeneye 007 deathmatch on the N64 was, all four players shared the same screen, which made sneaking around a level impossible. Twenty-five years after the game’s release, it turns out there is a way to give every GoldenEye players their own private screen—if you’ve got $10,000 … Read more

Not The Nintendo I Left

photo: Neilson Barnard (Getty Images) In light of recent reports by kotaku and others about worker complaints at Nintendo of America, former president and gaming icon Reggie Fils-Aimé was asked about how the company treats its employees. “I know I was able to achieve [a healthy culture]and certainly what’s being described does not seem like … Read more

Ninja Tried To Give Evo $500k For Smash, But Nintendo Ghosted

photo: Kotaku / Ninja / Diego Donamaria (Getty Images) Massive streaming personality Tyler “Ninja” Blevins claims that he tried to give the prestigious Evolution Championship Series fighting game tournament (also known simply as Evo) a bonus $500,000 for its Super Smash Bros. prize pool years ago, only to get shut out by smash developerNintendo. This … Read more

Reggie Fils-Aimé And Satoru Iwata’s Great Nintendo Friendship

Iwata and Reggie speak on stage at the 2011 E3 gaming expo. photo: Kevork Djansezian (Getty Images) It started with an unheard of request. Reggie Fils-Aimé wasn’t yet president of Nintendo of America. Heck, he wasn’t even an employee—but rather, interviewing for a job. Yet he wanted to speak with Satoru Iwata. During the recruiting … Read more

What Does ‘This is Miyamoto’ Mean? The Out-of-Touch Adults’ Guide to Kid Culture

This week’s trip into the strange corners of culture inhabited by young people is all about different kinds of danger! There’s the danger of talking to strangers online, the danger of going on first dates, and the danger of pursuing scientific achievement. But let’s begin with the danger of tweeting something weird. What is the … Read more