US warships transit through Taiwan Strait, first since Pelosi’s visit

Two U.S. Navy warships sailed through international waters in the Taiwan Strait on Sunday, the first such operation since U.S. President Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which angered China, which considers the island as its territory. The US Navy, confirming a Reuters report, said the cruisers Chancellorsville and Antietam were conducting the ongoing operation. Such … Read more

Porsche destroyed by Paul Pelosi’s DUI up for auction

The luxurious Porsche Paul Pelosi crashed while drunk in California could be yours. Pelosi’s 2021 Carrera 4S appears to have landed on the auction site, with damage listed on its “sides” and “undercarriage”. The black sports car has an estimated retail value of nearly $170,000 with just 2,738 miles, according to the listing. The … Read more

EXPLAINER: Why US lawmakers’ trips to Taiwan continue to annoy China

WASHINGTON (AP) — Taiwan is high on U.S. Congressmen’s summer travel bucket list during their August recess this year, as U.S. lawmakers are keen to affirm U.S. support for the self-governing island. over China’s objections. Paid photos of the visit of five members of Congress this weeklike that of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi less than … Read more

China announces new drills as US delegation visits Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — China announced new military drills around Taiwan as the self-governing island’s president met with members of a new U.S. congressional delegation on Monday, threatening to reignite tensions between Beijing and Washington a few months later. just days after a similar visit to the United States House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi angry china. … Read more

Pelosi confirms Asia trip, but no mention of Taiwan

BEIJNG (AP) — Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi confirmed Sunday that she would visit four Asian countries this week, but made no mention of a possible stopover in Taiwan this has fueled tensions with Beijing, which claims island democracy as its own territory. Pelosi said in a statement that she is … Read more

House passes bill banning certain semi-automatic weapons

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House passed legislation on Friday relaunch the ban on certain semi-automatic weaponsthe first vote of its kind in years and a direct response to the firearms often used in the crushing of mass shootings tearing communities apart nationwide. Once banned in the United States, high-powered firearms are now widely accused of … Read more

Wealthier, stronger China warns Pelosi not to visit Taiwan

BEIJING (AP) — Beijing grumbled but swallowed its irritation in 1997 when then-Speaker Newt Gingrich of the U.S. House of Representatives visited Taiwan, the Party-claimed island democracy communist ruling the continent as its own territory. China had other priorities. President Jiang Zemin’s government was preparing to celebrate the return of Hong Kong and wanted to … Read more

Pelosi in Taiwan would be the cornerstone of his career, despite warnings

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched her political career by being tough on China – a new congresswoman who dared to unfurl a pro-democracy banner in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square during a 1991 visit with other US lawmakers shortly after the massacre of students. More than 30 years later, his interest in travel to … Read more

US military makes plans in case Pelosi goes to Taiwan

SYDNEY (AP) — U.S. officials say they have little fear China will attack Nancy Pelosi’s plane if she flies to Taiwan. But Speaker of the United States House would enter one of the hottest places in the world, where an accident, misstep or misunderstanding could put his safety at risk. So the Pentagon makes plans … Read more

Biden, Xi to hold talks amid new tensions over Taiwan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping will speak Thursday, a U.S. official said, their first conversation in four months amid renewed tension between Washington and Beijing over China’s claims on Taiwan. The planned talks between the two leaders – the fifth in a series of regular checks – have been ongoing for … Read more