Apple Discontinues iPod, Mobile Gaming Icon, After 22 Years

photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) Pour one out for every kid who one-strapped a backpack in middle school, as they’re likely in mourning today. With Apple’s discontinuation of the 7th-generation iPod Touch, announced yesterdayit’s official: the iPod is dead. Ostensibly, the iPod was a music device, meant to digitize song libraries and move listeners away … Read more

Apple’s Director of Machine Learning Resigns Due to Return to Office Work

Apple’s director of machine learning, Ian Goodfellow, has resigned from his role a little over four years after he joined the company after previously being one of Google’s top AI employees, according to The Verges Zoe Schiffer. Goodfellow reportedly broke the news to staff in an email, saying his resignation is in part due to … Read more

Apple Gifts Mac Studio, Studio Display, and More to Aspiring Videographers

Apple recently teamed up with YouTuber Jared Polin to offer a “dream studio” to a young, aspiring photographer and videographer named Cam Blumberg. Polin, who runs the photography website From Knows Photocaptured the touching moment on video. Polin invited Blumberg to his studio for a supposed tour, but he ended up surprising him with a … Read more

How to Record Video When Protesting, Pulled Over, or in Danger

There are numerous situations where you might want to quickly record a video on your phone without it actually looking like you’re recording a video on your phone, whether you’re looking to stay safe in a vulnerable situation, protesting in a country that doesn’t necessarily want to see anyone protesting, or keeping law enforcement accountable. … Read more

‘After Steve’ Examines the Tensions That Led to Jony Ive’s Departure From Apple

Tripp Mickle, a technology reporter who recently moved from The Wall Street Journal to The New York Timesis releasing a new book on Apple this week, entitled “After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul,” and an adapted excerpt of the book was shared today that provides a look at the … Read more

Apple iOS, Android, and Google Chrome Issued Critical Updates in April

To find the update, you’ll need to check your device settings. Devices that have received the Android April update so far include Google’s Pixel devices and some third-party Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, A51, A52 5G, A53 5G, A71, S10 series, S20 series, Note20 series, Z Flip 5G, Z Flip3, Z Fold, … Read more

iPhone 14 Might Have Notch, Same iPhone 13 Chip, No Mini Model

The iPhone 14 may come in a Pro and no-Pro lineup. photo: Caitlin McGarry / Gizmodo Yes, the iPhone 13 recently underwent a minty green refreshbut now is not the time to buy Apple’s current smartphone if you’re hoping to get the best hardware. Apple’s developer conference is just around the corner, and more rumors … Read more

Why your new iPhone is way more scratched than your old one

photo: ARIMAG (Shutterstock) The display of my iPhone is a Mixed up. Some of this clutter makes sense: I expect nicks and scratches on my screen if, say, my iPhone falls out of my pocket onto cement. However, many of these scratches have mysteriously accumulated over time without my misusing them. In direct sunlight it … Read more

Microsoft is making a massive Android move to challenge Apple

Microsoft’s The recent reorganization has brought various Android-focused projects under a new division. While Microsoft’s mobile focus has led it to support a number of mobile initiatives, Bringing everything under one roof demonstrates its commitment to the broader market. Surface Duo 2 and Windows 11 share multitasking with split screen. Ewan Spence Zac Bowden reports … Read more