The Best New Widgets for Your iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

Image: Weather Carrot With iOS 14, Apple added widgets to your iPhone home screen.With iOS 16, Apple wants to do the same with your lock screen. Owith this update, you can create multiple lock screens that you can browse at any time, and eEach lock screen can contain up to five different widgets: there’s a … Read more

Why the iPhone 14 eSIM might be a problem for you

Apple has a history of aggressively removing features in the name of progress. They killed the Mac’s DVD drive when discs were still popular, removed HDMI and MagSafe from MacBook Pros (before bringing them back later), and, of course, are responsible for the death of the headphone jack. Apple’s decision to now remove the SIM … Read more

Apple will expand its self-service repair program to MacBooks

Apple will now allow you to repair your laptop yourself at home, for a cost. The company is expanding its self-service repair program by just some iPhones include its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops with M1 chips starting tomorrow, according to A press release. However, as with its previous smartphone program, there’s still a … Read more

Samsung launches $3,500 55-inch “Odyssey Ark” curved gaming monitor

Samsung today announced the launch of Odyssey Ark, which the company claims is the world’s first 55-inch 4K curved display with a 165Hz refresh rate for enhanced gaming performance. Samsung first previewed the monitor at CESbut it is now available to order. Priced at $3,500, the Samsung Odyssey Ark features mini-LED technology with 1000R curvature … Read more

Apple is now making the latest smartphone with this feature

Photo: H_Ko (Shutterstock) The great “iPhone vs. Android” debate could very well rage on forever, with neither side claiming total victory. There are pros and cons to both platforms, as well as the companies that make the hardware and software. However, there is one feature that Apple can claim exclusivity on, now that its sole … Read more