North Korea confirms 1st COVID outbreak, Kim orders lockdown

North Korea confirms 1st COVID outbreak, Kim orders lockdown

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea imposed a nationwide lockdown Thursday to control its first acknowledged COVID-19 outbreak after holding for more than two years to a widely doubted claim of a perfect record keeping out the virus that has spread to nearly every place in the world The size of the outbreak wasn’t immediately … Read more

Biden co-hosting 2nd COVID summit as world’s resolve falters

Biden co-hosting 2nd COVID summit as world’s resolve falters

WASHINGTON–President Joe Biden will appeal for a renewed international commitment to attacking COVID-19 as he convenes the second global COVID-19 summit at a time when faltering resolve at home jeopardizes that global response. Eight months after he used the first such summit to announce an ambitious pledge to donate 1.2 billion vaccine doses to the … Read more

More than half of early Covid-19 patients at one hospital had symptoms two years later, study finds

the study, published Wednesday in The Lancet, found that 55% of patients still had at least one Covid-19 symptom two years later. That was actually an improvement from six months after infection, when 68% had symptoms. The researchers from China-Japan Friendship Hospital looked at the records of 1,192 people who had been hospitalized at Jin … Read more

Aspirin, ibuprofen and other pain-relieving drugs ‘may actually make agony WORSE’

Taking aspirin and ibuprofen as painkillers could be completely pointless, a study suggests. Experts have now warned the cheap drugs may actually leave patients in agony for longer. The findings call into question the conventional practice of treating pain with anti-inflammatory drugs, taken by millions around the world. Researchers today praised the ‘excellent’ study, which … Read more

WHO head censored in China after criticizing zero-COVID policy, and US cases are now up 52% ​​from two weeks ago

The head of the World Health Organization is being censored on China’s internet after criticizing its zero-COVID policy for being unsustainable. “When we talk about the zero-COVID strategy, we don’t think that it is sustainable, considering the behavior of the virus now and what we anticipate in the future,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told … Read more

Growing share of Covid-19 deaths are among vaccinated people, but booster shots substantially lower the risk

Breakthrough infections have become more common in recent months, putting vulnerable populations at increased risk of severe disease or death as more and more transmissible variants continue to spread. This seems to be especially true for seniors in the United States, who were among the first to get their initial vaccine series. In the second … Read more

For widows in Africa, COVID-19 stole husbands, homes, future

By KRISTA LARSON and CHINEDU ASADU May 10, 2022 GMT UMUIDA, Nigeria (AP) — As Anayo Mbah went into labor with her sixth child, her husband battled COVID-19 in another hospital across town. Jonas, a young motorcycle taxi driver, had been placed on oxygen after he started coughing up blood. Jonas would never meet … Read more

Shanghai reaffirms ‘zero-COVID’; WHO says not sustainable

BEIJING (AP) — Shanghai reaffirmed Wednesday it would maintain the “zero-COVID” approach to eliminate a waning outbreak in China’s largest city after the head of the World Health Organization said it was not sustainable and urged China to change strategies. While progress has been made, relaxing prevention and control measures could allow the virus to … Read more

Pregnant women who had Covid vaccine 15% LESS likely to suffer stillbirth, ‘reassuring’ study finds

Pregnant women who are vaccinated against Covid are ‘significantly’ less likely to suffer a stillbirth compared to the unvaccinated, research suggests. There had been widespread safety concerns about the jabs among expectant mothers, which saw them become one of the least vaccinated groups in the country. Their fears were seized upon by anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists, … Read more