Was the Fed’s Powell dovish or not? 4 key points from Wednesday’s press conference

Investors reacted as if Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s Wednesday press conference was dovish, but many economists believe it was on the hawkish side of the street. Here are some of the key takeaways from Powell’s hour-long discussion with reporters about the state of the economy and central bank policy: Lily: Fed raises rates to tackle … Read more

China’s out-of-control rocket set to crash on July 31

La Longue Marche 5B shortly before its launch on July 24, 2022.Photo: Liu Huaiyu (PA) Experts predict the gigantic core stage of a recently launched Long March 5B rocket will crash to Earth within days, but the precise location remains impossible to guess. The Long March 5B rocket took off on July 24 from Wenchang … Read more