Tropical Storm Kay could bring a year of rain to drought-stricken Southern California

CNN — In parts of Southern California that have been badly hit by drought for months, residents are bracing for a storm that might fall a year of rain – and cause dangerous flash floods. Extreme weather is forecast as Tropical Storm Kay is moving north after making landfall in Mexico as a Category 1 … Read more

Cruise recalls his robotaxis after a passenger is injured in an accident

washington d.c. CNN Business — This week Cruise, which counts General Motors as its largest shareholder, became the first robotaxi operator to recall its vehicles, following an accident in June involving “Major” minor damage and injury to passengers. The accident happened after the robotaxi Cruise making a left turn stopped at the intersection, thinking an … Read more

Jackson, Mississippi, Water: Governor Tate Reeves will declare an emergency due to the failure of the city’s main water facility

CNN — Already dealing flooded streetsRain-battered Jackson, Mississippi residents now struggle with little to no water pressure in their homes after the city’s main water treatment facility failed on Monday, leaving them without enough water to flush toilets or fight fires, Governor Tate Reeves said. The governor said he would declare a state of emergency … Read more

5 things to know for August 26: Mar-a-Lago, Ukraine, Floods, Cellular service, Gas-powered cars

CNN — Scientists have long wondered about doppelgängers – people who look alike but have no real family connection. Now some researchers think they can explain why unrelated people look alike. Moreover, according to their study, there is probably someone in the world who looks like youand they may even share your same behavioral traits. … Read more

Mississippi weather: A train is derailed and roads are washed out after torrential rains in the region

CNN — Wading through thigh-deep water, dozens of nursing home residents clung to a rope stretched across a flooded parking lot on Wednesday as they were evacuated from a Mississippi nursing home. Residents, aided by firefighters, volunteers and state troopers, passed submerged cars as they departed by school bus from the Peach Tree Village assisted … Read more

‘Parvovirus Disease’ in Michigan Dogs Investigated, Dozens of Deaths Reported

CNN — Canine parvovirus has been identified as the disease that has killed dozens of dogs over the past month in the northern and central parts of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, state officials said Wednesday. It has killed more than 20 dogs in Otsego County alone, usually within days of showing symptoms of vomiting, bloody diarrhea, … Read more

Los Angeles County coroner rules Anne Heche’s death an accident

CNN — The cause of death of the actress Anne Heche was ruled an accident on Wednesday by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Department. Heche’s car crashed into a Los Angeles home and caught fire on August 5. After the accident, Heche suffered a “severe anoxic brain injury,” depriving his brain of oxygen, among … Read more

Crimea: Ukraine is behind three explosions in the province, according to a report by the Ukrainian government

CNN — Ukraine was behind three explosions that rocked Russian military installations in the annexed province of Crimea last week, including an explosion at a Russian air base on the west coast of the peninsula that destroyed several planes, according to a Ukrainian government report released internally and shared with CNN by a Ukrainian official. … Read more

Egyptian church fire kills and injures dozens

CNN — At least 18 children have died in a fire that killed dozens of worshipers gathered for Sunday morning mass at a church in Giza, Greater Cairo, according to hospital documents seen by CNN. The death toll stands at 41 and 14 injured, the Egyptian Coptic Church said in a statement, citing health officials. … Read more

Georgia authorities release body camera footage after woman dies after falling from patrol car

CNN — Georgia authorities on Friday released body camera footage of an incident earlier this month where a mother suffering from what her family called a mental health crisis died from a life-threatening injury while in jail. Brianna Grier, 28, was going through a bout of mental health on July 15 when her mother called … Read more