Aspirin, ibuprofen and other pain-relieving drugs ‘may actually make agony WORSE’

Taking aspirin and ibuprofen as painkillers could be completely pointless, a study suggests. Experts have now warned the cheap drugs may actually leave patients in agony for longer. The findings call into question the conventional practice of treating pain with anti-inflammatory drugs, taken by millions around the world. Researchers today praised the ‘excellent’ study, which … Read more

iPods are selling for THOUSANDS on eBay as Apple announces it’s discontinuing them after 20 years

This week Apple announced that it is discontinuing the iPod—one of its most successful products that revolutionized the way we listen to music. Apple launched its first iPod Classic back in 2001 with a $399 price tag, which shocked fans who had become accustomed to using significantly cheaper portable CD players and Walkmans. Fast-forward almost … Read more

Incredibly crisp image of a nearby galaxy captured by NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope

Incredibly crisp image of a nearby galaxy captured by NASA’s new $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope demonstrates huge leap in space photography NASA shared side-by-side images captured by its Webb and Spitzer telescopes Both show the Large Magellanic Cloud—a galaxy that orbits the Milky Way But the Webb image captures the foreground stars in … Read more

Pregnant women who had Covid vaccine 15% LESS likely to suffer stillbirth, ‘reassuring’ study finds

Pregnant women who are vaccinated against Covid are ‘significantly’ less likely to suffer a stillbirth compared to the unvaccinated, research suggests. There had been widespread safety concerns about the jabs among expectant mothers, which saw them become one of the least vaccinated groups in the country. Their fears were seized upon by anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists, … Read more

Hawaii reports mysterious hepatitis in child under 10 years old

Hawaii has become the 25th state to begin probing a case of mysterious hepatitis in a child less than ten years old — after five deaths and more than 100 cases were reported across America. The state’s Department of Health said the child was hospitalized with abdominal pain and fever on Maui, its second largest … Read more

Skin cancer-stricken mother reveals chemo cream leaves her looking like an ‘acid attack victim’

Honor Stark of Toronto must wear a chemotherapy cream for at least six hours a day that she says leaves her looking like an ‘acid attack victim’ A cancer-stricken mother has shared shocking pictures illustrating how her chemotherapy cream leaves her looking like an ‘acid attack victim’. Honor Stark from Toronto in Canadainitially dismissed an … Read more

Connecticut man suffers from deadly brain infection caused by Powassan virus

A Connecticut man is recovering at home after suffering a case of the rare Powassan virus, state officials reports. The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) confirmed last week that a man between 50 and 59 years old fell ill in March, and suffered a severe illness that affected his central nervous system and required … Read more