Google Maps Immersive View, New Translate Languages, Docs TL;DR

Google’s 2022 I/O Conference is finally here. From virtual maps that come to life to a new way to communicate with your home security system, there’s a lot of unexpected surprises from the keynote to unpack. Here are some of the highlights. Stare Your Google Nest Down Till It Does Stuff For You One of … Read more

All the New Android Features Announced at Google I/O 2022

Google took the stage at this year’s I/O event for about two hours, announcing new and exciting products like Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and the Pixel Watch. While hardware tends to steal the show at these events, the team certainly didn’t gloss over Android: between fresh Android 13 features and general Android updates, Google had … Read more

New Lenovo Legion 7 and Slim 7 Laptops Pair Brawn with Beauty

Lenovo Legion 7photo: Florence Ion/Gizmodo Lenovo is best known for its ThinkPad business laptops, but its Legion series has birthed some of the best gaming systems I’ve used in the past few years. Today, the laptop maker is replacing the old with a new fleet consisting of the Legion 7 and Legion Slim 7, each … Read more

Website Can Track Mechanical Keyboard Typing Just By Listening

Need another reason to skip the upgrade to a clackety mechanical keyboard, besides a little sympathy for your co-workers who will undoubtedly suffer from your furious typing? It turns out that all that’s needed to eavesdrop on what’s being typed on a loud keyboard is a microphone and some clever software. Clever hackers have come … Read more

The Best Free Online Tools to Map Your Own Bike Routes

photo: Oleg Troino (Shutterstock) Whether you’re in an unfamiliar place or broadening your horizons in your hometown, there are plenty of tools online to customize different walk, run, and bike routes wherever you are. The online tools we’ll highlight here are not all created equal, so let’s take a look at the best free options … Read more

You Can Finally Use VRR on PlayStation 5

photo: Mohsen Vaziri (Shutterstock) Following a recent system update, the PlayStation 5 finally supports VRR (variable refresh rate). VRR is a video setting that dynamically adjusts your TV or monitor’s refresh rate to match a game’s FPS (frames per second). This prevents annoying graphical issues like dropped frames, hitching, and screen tearing that occur when … Read more

Ukraine War, Inflation and Covid-19 Keep CFOs on Their Toes Over Forecasts

A series of disruptive events for the global economy has rattled the forecasting frameworks that companies use to predict revenue and costs, leading many finance chiefs to adopt tools that allow them to respond to incoming data in real time. Software giant SAPSE is relying more on artificial intelligence and machine learning for its forecasting, … Read more

Netflix Hid Subscriber Losses, Shareholders Allege in Lawsuit

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings is one of the three heads of Netflix, along with the company, named in a lawsuit brought by investors saying the company misled them into Q1 of this Ernesto S. Ruscio (Getty Images) Netflix’s big pool of investors are not happy, not happy at all. Some shareholders are so unhappy … Read more

How to Record Video When Protesting, Pulled Over, or in Danger

There are numerous situations where you might want to quickly record a video on your phone without it actually looking like you’re recording a video on your phone, whether you’re looking to stay safe in a vulnerable situation, protesting in a country that doesn’t necessarily want to see anyone protesting, or keeping law enforcement accountable. … Read more

With interest rates rising, it’s time to focus on MANG stocks instead of FAANG, according to Jefferies

Heading into the Federal Open Market Committee’s policy meeting, analysts at Jefferies on May 3 advised investors to avoid the popular FAANG + Microsoft group of stocks. They pointed instead to a group they named MANG. We’ll compare the two groups below. The FAANG group — Facebook holding company Meta Platforms Inc. FB, +0.89%, apple … Read more