Polio is back in the US and UK. Here’s how it went

But removing type 2 from the formula meant that if a type 2 virus reappeared in the world – from an environmental reservoir or someone whose system harbored a mutated vaccine virus – there would be little defense against it. . And the switch bet didn’t pay off. “I think the best way to describe … Read more

Five things to know from the CDC’s advice on monkeypox for schools

fort worth As cases of monkeypox continue to rise in Texas, child care providers and school districts are monitoring the situation with caution. The good news, according to infectious disease experts and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which released guidance for schools and daycares last week, is that the the risk to children … Read more

Douglas County child dies from ‘brain-eating amoeba’ | Local News

A Douglas County child died this week of suspected infection with the amoeba Naegleria fowleri, which may have been contracted while swimming in the Elkhorn River on Sunday, according to the Douglas County Health Department. . The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is performing additional tests to confirm infection, according to the health … Read more

Vaccine maker Monkeypox concerned about dose-splitting plan

The CEO of the company that makes the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved vaccine to prevent monkeypox has told Biden administration health officials he’s concerned about a new strategy aimed at dividing doses and changing the way the vaccine is injected. In a letter shared with The Hill, Bavarian Nordic CEO Paul Chaplin said … Read more