NASA’s CAPSTONE lunar probe has more problems than we thought

Artist’s rendering of CAPSTONE.Image: Nasa Controllers with the CAPSTONE mission are attempt to regain control of the Probe bound to the Moon, which is currently collapsing, is experiencing temperature issues and is unable to use its solar panels to fully recharge its batteries. In a update released on Monday, Advanced Space described it as a … Read more

Blue Origin’s ‘anomaly’ leads to capsule abort

An “anomaly” forced an in-flight capsule to abort on a Blue Origin flight from West Texas on Monday. The New Shepard rocket, now grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration, was carrying no people. It is an earlier version of the one that was launched six times with people on board. One minute and four seconds … Read more

Why hydrogen leaks continue to be a major headache for NASA launches

SLS on the Kennedy Space Center launch pad in Florida. Photo: Nasa NASA’s space launch system is powered by a mixture of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. Together, these elements provide a compact and extremely powerful rocket propellant, but these same attributes are also what make this fuel a liability. The second attempt to launch … Read more