Chinese President Xi travels overseas to promote his strategic role

BEIJING (AP) — President Xi Jinping is using his first overseas trip since the start of the pandemic to promote China’s strategic ambitions during a summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and other leaders of a Central Asian security group. Chinese leader promotes ‘Global Security Initiative’ announced in April following formation of Quad by Washington, Japan, … Read more

Xi and Putin set to meet for the first time since the war in Ukraine | Business and economy

Chinese and Russian leaders are expected to meet on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin are set to meet next week in Uzbekistan, as Beijing and Moscow step up economic cooperation in the face of Western censorship and sanctions. The two leaders … Read more

Hong Kong court finds five guilty of sedition over sheep books | Politics News

The five people will be sentenced on Saturday and face up to two years in prison for publishing books aimed at explaining the democratic movement to children. A Hong Kong court has convicted five speech therapists of sedition over a series of illustrated children’s books depicting the city’s pro-democracy supporters as sheep defending their village … Read more

Chengdu in China enforces strict lockdown despite earthquake

BEIJING (AP) — Authorities in Chengdu, southwest China, have maintained strict COVID-19 lockdown measures on the city’s population of 21 million despite a major earthquake that left killed at least 65 people in outlying areas. Footage circulating online on Tuesday showed workers wearing top-to-bottom protective gear preventing residents of apartment buildings from exiting through locked … Read more

Typhoon hits South Korea with 3 feet of rain and damaging winds

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The strongest typhoon to hit South Korea in years hit its southern region on Tuesday, dumping three feet of rain, destroying roads and downing power lines, leaving 66,000 homes without power as thousands flee to safer ground. Typhoon Hinnamnor brushed past the tourist island of Jeju and hit the mainland … Read more

India launches new aircraft carrier as China concerns grow

NEW DELHI (AP) — India commissioned its first locally-built aircraft carrier on Friday as it seeks to counter the much larger and growing fleet of regional rival China and expand its own capabilities. of indigenous shipbuilding. INS Vikrant, whose name is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘mighty’ or ‘brave’, is India’s second operational aircraft carrier, joining … Read more

UN cites possible crimes against humanity in China’s Xinjiang

GENEVA (AP) — China’s discriminatory detention of Uyghurs and other predominantly Muslim ethnic groups in the western region of Xinjiang could amount to crimes against humanity, the human rights office has said. UN in a long-awaited report released on Wednesday, which cited “serious” rights violations. and the patterns of torture inflicted in recent years. The … Read more

Taiwanese forces fire on drones flying over island near China

The Taiwanese military fired warning shots at Chinese drones flying over its outposts just off the Chinese coast, highlighting heightened tensions and the self-contained island resolution to respond to new challenges. Taiwanese forces said in a statement that troops took action on Tuesday after drones were found hovering over the Kinmen island group. Dadan, one … Read more

Russia will hold extensive joint war games with China and others

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia said on Monday it would launch extensive military drills in the east of the country that would involve Chinese forces — a show of increasingly close defense ties between Moscow and Beijing amid tensions with the West about the Kremlin’s action in Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry said exercise Vostok 2022 … Read more

Russia to launch major military exercises with China and others | Military news

The Vostok 2022 military maneuvers will take place from September 1-7 with forces from China, Syria, India, Nicaragua and elsewhere. Russia has said it will launch extensive military exercises with china forces to show increasingly close defense ties between Moscow and Beijing amid the war in Ukraine. Exercise Vostok 2022 (East 2022) will be held … Read more