All the New Android Features Announced at Google I/O 2022

Google took the stage at this year’s I/O event for about two hours, announcing new and exciting products like Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and the Pixel Watch. While hardware tends to steal the show at these events, the team certainly didn’t gloss over Android: between fresh Android 13 features and general Android updates, Google had … Read more

How to Record Video When Protesting, Pulled Over, or in Danger

There are numerous situations where you might want to quickly record a video on your phone without it actually looking like you’re recording a video on your phone, whether you’re looking to stay safe in a vulnerable situation, protesting in a country that doesn’t necessarily want to see anyone protesting, or keeping law enforcement accountable. … Read more

Apple iOS, Android, and Google Chrome Issued Critical Updates in April

To find the update, you’ll need to check your device settings. Devices that have received the Android April update so far include Google’s Pixel devices and some third-party Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, A51, A52 5G, A53 5G, A71, S10 series, S20 series, Note20 series, Z Flip 5G, Z Flip3, Z Fold, … Read more

Nothing Launcher Beta for Android Available in Google Play Store

The Nothing Launcher is nothing for right now. photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo Being an Android user can be fun when you get to try out new apps, launchers, and even the next version of the operating system before they’re ready for showtime. But what’s not fun is taking advantage of that perk and realizing … Read more

How to Get Android 13 on Your Pixel

photo: IrinaKobrina (Shutterstock) New updates are always exciting. They mean fresh features, bug fixes to solve pesky problems, and an overall new digital coat of paint on your phone. Right now, Android 13 is that coat of paint, adding new tweaks and changes to your pixel, you should decide to try it out early. Google … Read more

5 Things to Check Before Selling or Trading in an Old Phone

When it’s time to upgrade your phone, you can substantially cut down on the cost of a new handset by either trading in or selling your old one. Before you part ways with your older smartphone, though, you need to run through some quick and simple checks to make sure you’re taking all of your … Read more

Google Pixel Watch Leaks After Being Abandoned at Restaurant

Someone needs to remind Google employees to check their pockets before they leave a restaurant. New leaked images and info shared with Android Central by an anonymous source show what appears to be an early version of Google’s yet to be released Pixel watch. The watch was apparently abandoned at a US restaurant for weeks. … Read more

How to Record Calls on Android Without a Third-Party App

image: ninephotostudio (Shutterstock) Sometimes—and for reasons that don’t involve future blackmail plans—you need to record your phone calls. Maybe you’re interviewing someone over the phone and want to refer to the call later, or you’re talking with a shady company that will deny the details of your call without proof. Whatever the case, Android users … Read more

Meta plans to release the first version of its Star Trek-style smart glasses in 2024

FacebookMeta’s parent company is reportedly planning the first release of its Star Trek-style smart glasses in 2024. founder Mark Zuckerberg has long spoken of his ambition to create a virtual world where people can work, socialize and play, and his company’s much-anticipated AR glasses are just part of that vision. A former employee who worked … Read more

How to stop Octo malware from remotely accessing your Android

photo: ymgerman (Shutterstock) A new strain of malware is circulating the internet trying to take control of your Android device. Once installed, “Octo”, as it is colloquially known, can remotely see your screen and control your device without you knowing. Let’s explore where Octo comes from, how it works, and how to avoid it. What … Read more