Skull Session: Big Ten still considering expansion, Kirk Ferentz knows Ohio State is leading the Big Ten and a 16-team playoff could be coming

For those of you eager to check out the Big Ten Media Day content, I have good news: it’s Ryan Day.

Word of the day: Rampart.

PLEASE SIRE CAN I HAVE ANOTHER? Don’t hit the pause button on the Big Ten expansion yet, folks.

Expansion talks have slowed as the conference apparently plays the waiting game with Notre Dame, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other schools there. it would be worth adding.

Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren told Action Network that there are “a handful of schools” besides Notre Dame that would add value as future members of the Big Ten.

The schools being considered by the Big Ten, sources told Action Network, are Notre Dame, Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Cal, Miami and Florida State. Warren would not comment on specific schools as potential members.

“When I say add value: value is important, but I’m just looking at fit,” Warren told Action Network on Tuesday during Big Ten Media Days. “An adjustment has to be there academically, has to be there sportingly. All of these things are really important. There are a handful of schools that could potentially add value to us, but I’m so focused right now that we welcome USC and UCLA to our conference in 2024 with open arms.

“Literally every non-SEC Power Five conference school has reached out to the Big Ten,” a source said of schools interested in joining the conference. “College presidents, athletic directors, senior administrators, etc.”

Honestly, just pull the trigger. If we’re going to add USC and UCLA, we might as well add the others. It’s not like it’s going to make any less sense to add Miami to a conference with a notoriously Midwestern flavor than the schools in Los Angeles.

At this point, your boy is just trying to add vacation destinations that I can deduct from my taxes.

THE STATE OF OHIO IS KING. Never liked Kirk Ferentz but maybe I should put the guy in my ‘reluctant ally’ box after he basically announced publicly yesterday that every Big Ten West team is calling the state dad Ohio.

The funniest part is that Iowa lost in two Big Ten title games and neither of them were against the Buckeyes. But I respect him knowing that the conference as a whole crosses the state of Ohio. Because he’s not wrong.

16 TEAMS? With the conference realignment taking center stage, we’ve dampened all talk of expanding the college football playoffs a bit. Which is fair, frankly, because it’s kind of hard to create football of any kind when you have no idea what the college football landscape will look like four years from now.

Still, there is “increased chatter” about the expansion. And – expanding beyond the previously targeted 12 teams.

I made peace with the playoff expansion a long time ago. Even if it doesn’t lead to different national champions, I think just giving people more quality college football games will be successful.

Ohio State, Bama or Georgia might be the only ones with a chance to lift this trophy in the end, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch Oklahoma play Notre Dame or Oregon play at Clemson.

TBT TO TBT. Hey, y’all remember the basketball tournament? Well, just because Carmen’s Crew isn’t participating this year doesn’t mean there aren’t Buckeyes doing stuff.


It’s still fun, but I agree that this thing just doesn’t have the juice it had when Aaron Craft and Jon Diebler were there.

SONG OF THE DAY. “1,000 Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.

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