Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs ‘show up’ in eighth straight season-opening win

GLENDALE, Ariz. — For one game, at least, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs provided a definitive answer on the effectiveness of their passing game without Tyreek Hill: dangerous as ever.

Mahomes went 30 of 39 for 360 yards and five touchdowns as the Chiefs started their season with a 44-21 win above Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

“Guys were just ready to go,” Mahomes said. “They were excited to come out and show what we had. Everyone asked us what this offense would look like, what this team would look like. We always thought we were going to go out and put on a show and I thought guys were doing that.

“So to go out there and win a game against a really good football team and win decisively, that’s a good start.”

Mahomes passed the ball to nine different players, with a tight end Travis Kelce leading the Chiefs with 121 yards on eight catches. Kelce’s 9-yard catch in the first quarter was the Chiefs’ first touchdown. Four players had a touchdown reception, two of them by running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Mahomes said he expects to involve a lot of receivers this season as the Chiefs cover the loss of Hill, who was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

“With the number of tight ends, running backs and receivers we have, it will be everyone,” Mahomes said. “It’s going to be a lot of guys catching passes. He’s going to run the football, he’s going to start the football. It’s going to be the short game. It’s going to be the deep passing.

“I think that makes it a tough offense to stop.”

Mahomes had his non-pitching left wrist taped early in the game after taking a fall. He said it didn’t affect his game.

“It sure is painful now,” he said. Everything looks good. We are satisfied with it.”

Kelce said he initially wondered after the Chiefs traded Hill how well the offense could work. He said what he saw of the Chiefs in training camp and preseason led him to believe they would have many days like this.

“Once I saw how hard the guys worked, their attention to detail, how Pat continues to progress as a quarterback, right now we’re in a good routine where we just keep getting better. “, said Kelce. than since the day we started.”

Mahomes took over as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback in 2018 and has had some big games to start the season since. In each of his first five games, he threw at least three touchdown passes. Coach Andy Reid said he couldn’t explain why Mahomes is playing well to start a season.

“I think he does pretty well all the time,” Reid said.

Mahomes added: “It’s Coach Reid who has more weeks to plan his game. I mean, it’s always a good thing for me because he makes the guys open up wide. But I think that’s (also) how we do training camp.

“It sets you up to be ready in Week 1. The coach has a great game plan, you have guys flying that are ready to go, ready to play a game and not practice against each other We did a great job of just running Week 1.”

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