Patrick Beverley trade notes: Lakers get a ‘B’ as they beef up defense, send Talen Horton-Tucker to Jazz

The Los Angeles Lakers have finalized an exchange that sends Talen Horton Tucker and Stanley Johnson to Utah Jazz in exchange for Patrick Beverly, by Adrian Wojnarowski. No pick will be implied in either team’s deal.

Beverley was distributed to the Jazz of the Minnesota Timberwolves earlier this summer in the blockbuster Rudy Gobert Trade. But with the Jazz embarking on a rebuild – star guard Donovan Mitchell may also be traded at some point this offseason – Beverley was a prime candidate to be moved to another team.

A veteran and one of the toughest perimeter defenders in the league, Beverley makes a lot more sense on this Lakers roster. The Lakers had all sorts of problems last season as they finished 33-49 and missed the playoffs, but few were bigger than their inability to stop anyone; they allowed 112.8 points per 100 possessions, which was 21st in the league. Part of that was due to injuries and part to poor roster construction, but wherever you want to place most of the blame, the key fact is that they just weren’t good enough defensively.

Beverley won’t solve all of their problems, but he will single-handedly make them tougher and better defensively on the ball. He’s also a reliable 3-point shooter — 38.5 percent on catch and shot attempts last season — who can help space the floor. james lebron and provides additional play. While not the most exciting addition, he’s the type of solid role player the Lakers lacked last season.

For much of the summer, the league has been in limbo awaiting the Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving situations to be resolved. With these two players now seemingly staying in Brooklyn, it will be interesting to see if the proverbial dam breaks and if more moves follow this Beverley trade.

The Lakers’ desire to send Russell Westbrook is no secret and now that Beverley is in town, they have someone who can take their place in the starting lineup. Of course, to do that they need to find another team willing to take Westbrook and that has proven difficult so far. Still, it’s a situation to watch closely over the next few weeks if more dominoes start falling.

There’s not as much to discuss on the Utah side. Danny Ainge began a takedown with Gobert’s trade and there was no reason to keep Beverley as they joined the race to the bottom and expected No. 1 pick Victor Wembanyama. They’ll see another young Horton-Tucker player who has shown some flashes as an interesting role player on defense, but hasn’t been consistent at all on the offensive end. If they can develop it into part of their core for the future, great; otherwise, no big deal.

Commercial qualities

Lakers: Beverley is a solid addition for the Lakers, as he will bring a certain intensity and toughness – especially on the defensive end – that the team simply lacked last season. It also provides them with additional security at point guard given the uncertainty surrounding Westbrook’s future with the franchise. If Westbrook is eventually traded, Beverley could take the vacant starting spot. Or, if he simply has a night off and Darvin Ham wants to go in a different direction, Beverley offers the coach another viable option. It will be interesting to see how well Westbrook and Beverley are able to co-exist in the locker room, as the two have had problems in the past.

While Beverley’s impact will likely be felt most on the defensive end, he also projects as a solid fit to Los Angeles on the other end. He’s not the type of player who needs a lot of plays to be effective, which is good because the Lakers already have a few. Also, as a career 37% long-range shooter, Beverley will be able to space the floor around James and Anthony Davis. The Lakers have been hesitant to move Horton-Tucker in the past, but in Beverley they found a better equipped player to contribute to a team under heavy pressure to make the playoffs. Horton-Tucker might turn out to be the best player in the long run, but the Lakers are in winning mode now, and that’s why the decision was made. To note: B

Jazz: The Jazz are one trade away from Donovan Mitchell being in the midst of a full rebuild, so it makes sense for them to flip an established veteran at Beverley for a young 21-year-old Horton-Tucker player who has potentially still some advantages. He averaged 10 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.7 assists in 25.2 minutes per game for the Lakers last season – numbers that could possibly improve in an expanded role on a Jazz team in reconstruction. The Lakers were high on Horton-Tucker for a while, and now the Jazz hope he continues to improve.

Stanley Johnson is a useful role player, but it remains to be seen how much of a role he will play in Utah. It mostly feels like a throw in the deal. Basically, Utah got a player who could potentially fit into their longer-term plans in exchange for one who didn’t. To note: B-

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