Meta Quest 2 price hike will have PSVR2 relieved or rubbing their hands

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As Sony slowly continues to lift the curtain on its PSVR2 helmet – revealing a selection of exciting new UI features earlier in the week – Facebook makes the unprecedented move of increasing the price of his Meta Quest 2 headset overnight. The standalone device, originally released on of them a few years ago will now cost $100 more regardless of which model you choose.

This means potential punters can expect to pay $399.99 for the 128GB model (previously $299.99) and $499.99 for the 256GB model (previously $399.99) starting next month. . It’s a surprising move that will leave Sony breathing a sigh of relief or rubbing its hands together as it continues to keep the PSVR2’s potentially costly price tag a secret.

Those who purchase a Meta Quest 2 between August 1 and December 31 will be entitled to a free copy of the must-have rhythm game beat the saber, but given that the trendy slash-’em-up usually sells for around $29.99, that doesn’t do much to offset the price hike. Despite all this, Facebook would like to reiterate that the Meta Quest 2 will remain “the most affordable VR headset” on the market.

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That’s likely to remain true, of course, as PSVR2 – regardless of cost – will still need to be hooked up to a PS5 console to work. However, this potentially gives Sony a little wiggle room as it looks to find the best possible way to bundle its state-of-the-art headset and new PSVR2 Sense controllers together.

The first PSVR headset launched at $399.99 in 2016 and came with the required PS Camera accessory. However, a more expensive package – comprising two Displacement PS controllers and a copy of London Studio’s flagship tech demo title PSVR Worlds – has been whipped out for $499.99. At the time, it was the cheapest VR option available, although it also required a PS4 console.

Meta Quest 2’s standalone flexibility has made it the market leader in recent years, and PSVR2 is unlikely to be able to snatch that status from its rival. Sony, however, is banking on ‘better quality’ experiences to sell its headphones, with a flagship proprietary title Horizon Call of the Mountain flanked by major third-party adaptations, like Resident Evil Village.

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However, its next-gen feature set – which includes built-in haptic feedback and higher-resolution visuals – has fans wondering how much the headset is going to cost. Sony will now feel it’s got a bit more flexibility, and whether that means either feeling relieved or rubbing its hands in the wake of Meta Quest 2 being announced overnight, these comparisons of All-important prices will no doubt look a bit more favorable now.

How do you think the Meta Quest 2 price changes will affect PSVR2? How much do you expect Sony’s new headphones to cost? Cough in the comments section below.

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