Live updates: Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral scheduled for September 19

Palace officials have said Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral will take place on September 19 at Westminster Abbey in London after the public has had the opportunity to pay their last respects to the monarch.

Elizabeth, the country’s oldest ruler, died on Thursday during her summer retreat in the Scottish Highlands.

Details of the 96-year-old Queen’s funeral will be released later, but organizers on Saturday described the ceremony as “a fitting farewell to one of the defining figures of our time”.

Palace officials said there would be opportunities to view the late sovereign’s oak coffin as it traveled from Balmoral Castle in Scotland to Edinburgh and back to London, where her body will rest in state for four days from Wednesday.



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LONDON — Prince William has made his first statement about Queen Elizabeth II’s death, saying “it will be a while before the reality of life without a grandmother really feels real”.

William, who is now heir to the throne behind his father King Charles III, said in a statement on Saturday that the Queen “was by my side in my happiest times. And she was by my side during the darkest days. saddest of my life.

William, Prince of Wales, said the late Queen provided “an example of service and dignity in public life that was of a different age, but still relevant to us all”.


OTTAWA, Ontario — King Charles III was officially proclaimed Canada’s monarch on Saturday at a ceremony in Ottawa.

Charles automatically became king when Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday. But like the ceremony in the UK hours earlier, Saturday’s accession ceremony in Canada is a key constitutional and ceremonial step in introducing the new monarch to the country.

Charles is now the Head of State of Canada, a member of the British Commonwealth of Former Colonies.

Although Canadians are somewhat indifferent to the monarchy, many had great affection for the late Queen Elizabeth II, whose silhouette marks their coins.

Overall, the anti-royal movement in Canada is tiny, meaning Charles will almost certainly remain King of Canada. One of the reasons is that abolishing the monarchy would mean changing the constitution. It’s an inherently risky undertaking, given how delicately it’s designed to unite a nation of 37 million that includes Anglophones, Francophones, Indigenous tribes and a steady stream of new immigrants.


BALMORAL CASTLE, Scotland – Members of the Royal Family paused to admire a sea of ​​floral tributes left by the public outside the gates of Balmoral Castle in Scotland after attending a prayer service nearby.

Queen Elizabeth II’s three youngest children – Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – and their families greeted crowds of people who gathered to line the road outside the castle on Saturday.

Princess Eugenie, Andrew’s daughter, was seen laying a bouquet of flowers, while the rest of the family took time to read the many tributes to the Queen.

The tribute came two days after Queen Elizabeth II died and the same day her eldest son, King Charles III, was officially proclaimed Britain’s monarch.


LONDON — Prime Minister Liz Truss and senior government officials have taken the oath of loyalty to King Charles III in the House of Commons.

Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle was the first to pledge “true allegiance to his majesty King Charles, his heirs and successors”, followed by senior lawmakers and the prime minister.

All legislators swear allegiance to the monarch after their election. Taking a new vow when the monarch changes is not a legal requirement, but the 650 lawmakers will have the option to take the oath again in the coming days if they wish.

Normal parliamentary business was suspended during a period of mourning for the Queen. The House of Commons is holding a rare Saturday sitting so lawmakers can pay their respects to the late monarch.


A royal official has publicly proclaimed King Charles III the new British monarch during a ceremony at St. James’s Palace.

David White, the Garter King of Arms, read the proclamation from a balcony at the Royal Residence in London, flanked by trumpeters in gold-trimmed robes.

Gun salutes rang out in Hyde Park, the Tower of London and at military sites across the UK at the time of the proclamation.

Scarlet-robed soldiers in the palace courtyard presented arms and removed their bearskin hats in a royal salute.


LONDON — King Charles III has declared the day of his mother’s funeral to be a public holiday.

Charles endorsed the decision at his official membership ceremony on Saturday.

The date of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral has not been announced, but is expected to be around September 19.

It will be the second additional public holiday for Britons this year – a public holiday was declared in early June to celebrate Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, 70 years on the throne.


LONDON — King Charles III was officially proclaimed Britain’s monarch on Saturday, in a ceremony steeped in ancient tradition and political symbolism — and, for the first time, broadcast live.

Charles automatically became king when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Thursday, but Saturday’s accession ceremony is a key constitutional and ceremonial step in introducing the new monarch to the country.

The ceremony at St. James’s Palace, a royal residence in London, is attended by the Membership Council, made up of senior politicians and civil servants who advise the monarch. They met without Charles, officially confirming his title, King Charles III. The king will then join them in making a series of oaths and declarations.

It is the first time the ceremony has been held since 1952, when Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne.

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