King Charles allegedly told Prince Harry that Meghan Markle was ‘not welcome’ at Balmoral

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King Charles III told his son Prince Harry that Meghan Markle was not “welcome” to join the rest of the royal family at Balmoral, the Sun reported. If true, the report would solve the mystery of why Meghan was announced to be going to Balmoral with Harry on Thursday, then just as suddenly revealed not to be going.

A source told the Sun: “Charles told Harry that it was neither fair nor appropriate for Meghan to be at Balmoral at such a deeply sad time. It was pointed out to him that Kate would not be going and that numbers should really be limited to closest family Charles made it very, very clear that Meghan would not be welcome.

Kate Middleton, William’s wife, remained in England to care for their three young children, who were just starting at a new school that day.

Harry finally made the trip onlyEven if the Sun claims there was plenty of room on the plane that Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie flew north – and, with Harry at his UK base of Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, didn’t any of the royals who lived nearby could have shared a car with him at the airport. The sun says Harry was “denied” a seat on the plane.

In fact, the announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s death at Balmoral came as Harry was still in the air in a private jet, while the rest of the royal family was then at Balmoral. Harry finally arrived at the former monarch’s Scottish home an hour and a half after the announcement and left Balmoral early Friday morning to catch a commercial flight from Aberdeen – the first British Airways flight of the day – to London.

It was so sad to see him without the other members of the royal family to comfort him. I really hope the queen’s death helps them heal their divisions.

airplane passenger

A passenger told The Sun: “He barely moved during the whole hour-long flight and was obviously thinking about his beloved grandmother. It was so sad to see him without the other members of the royal family to comfort him. I hope really that the queen’s death will help them heal their divisions.

Ultimately, only Charles and Princess Anne are believed to have been with the Queen when she died – Charles has a Scottish home nearby and Anne was staying at Balmoral. Anne, Andrew, Edward and Sophie stayed at Balmoral on Friday, while Charles, William and Harry returned to England.

Charles’ direct request that Meghan stay away stands in stark contrast to the headline-grabbing olive branch he gifted the couple on Friday afternoon during his first televised address as king.

“I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas,” Charles said in the Buckingham Palace speech. But William and Harry remain estranged, and the family are still suspicious of Harry and Meghan given everything they have said and claimed in past interviews about their treatment within the royal family. The Royal Family are also worried about the new bombshells Harry might throw in his upcoming memoir.

Last night William and Harry, the Sun said, were back at their nearby cottages in Windsor, but the newspaper reported that “there was little, if any, communication between them”.

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