iOS 16 will be launched tomorrow: six new features to discover

Apple is expected to release iOS 16 this Monday, September 12 as a free update for iPhone 8 and later. iOS 16 includes many new features, from a customizable lock screen to the ability to edit or temporarily cancel iMessages.

ios 16 lock screens
To install iOS 16 when the update is released, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap General → Software Update. After updating your iPhone to iOS 16, check out our list of six useful new features to try below.

Customize the lock screen

The main new feature of iOS 16 is the ability to customize the lock screen with multi-layered wallpapers, widgets, custom fonts for date and time, etc. You can also select a set of photos to shuffle on the lock screen throughout the day.

iOS 16 lock screen customization

The new lock screen gallery features a range of lock screen options, including a new weather wallpaper with live weather conditions and an astronomy wallpaper that offers views of the Earth, Moon and Solar System. iOS 16 includes support for multiple lock screen designs, letting you switch between your favorites with just a swipe.

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Edit or unsend an iMessage

iOS 16 introduces the ability to temporarily edit or cancel iMessages, as well as mark iMessage conversations as unread after opening them.

Apple lets you edit an iMessage up to 15 minutes after sending it, with up to five edits allowed per message. Recipients can see a record of edits made to the message, and on devices running iOS 15 or earlier, edited messages are received as a new message that says “Edited for [new message].”

ios 16 imessage edit unsend

To edit or cancel a message, simply press and hold on a bubble and select the appropriate option from the menu that appears. iMessages that have been edited are marked as “edited” below the message bubble. SMS messages (green bubbles) cannot be edited or cancelled.

Use the full-screen music player

iOS 16 reintroduces a full-screen music player on the lock screen with large album art and a matching color wallpaper.

ios 16 lock screen music player

Apple last offered a full-screen music player on the lock screen on iOS 10 in 2016. If you don’t like the feature, you can tap the bottom of the screen to minimize the music player and return to your standard lock screen wallpaper. .

Game with Nintendo Joy-Cons

iPhones support many additional Bluetooth game controllers on iOS 16, including Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons and Pro Controller. iPhones running iOS 16 can be used with a single left or right Joy-Con, or both as a single controller.

nintendo joy vs

This is in addition to the iPhone’s existing compatibility with PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers since the release of iOS 14.5 last year.

Track an Apple Pay order

Apple Pay on iOS 16 offers new order tracking information integrated into the Wallet app for online orders made through Apple Pay. The tracker provides the estimated delivery date of an order and indicates when a package is ready for delivery.

ios 16 apple pay order tracking

Close your rings without an Apple Watch

Starting with iOS 16, the Fitness app is now available on iPhone for all users, even without Apple Watch. The app features a daily activity ring that relies on iPhone motion sensors to estimate a person’s calories burned and steps per day.

fitness app ios 16

At its iPhone 14 event, Apple announced that its Fitness+ service will be available to iPhone users without an Apple Watch later this year in all 21 countries where the service is available. Fitness+ costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

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