Governor Hochul Announces New Concealed Carry Laws Passed in Response to Irresponsible Supreme Court Ruling Will Take Effect September 1, 2022

State Police Superintendent Kevin P. The bridge said“We really appreciate Governor Hochul’s the leadership and resources she provided that enabled us to aggressively crack down on the flow of illegal weapons through our state. Soldiers remain committed to this mission, and we are committed to stopping criminals who traffic in illegal weapons and endanger our communities.”

Commissioner of Criminal Justice Services Division Rossana Rosado said“We have seen the devastation and trauma caused by gun violence in our communities and we must do all we can to stop it. We thank Governor Hochul for her leadership on this issue and are proud to support her, for the safety of all New Yorkers, as we work with our law enforcement and local government partners to institute these safety and training rules for common sense for licensing.”

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​said“In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling, implying that guns are more important than lives in this country, we have passed legislation to ensure that New York State has safe and responsible gun laws. States are the last line of defense, which is why we stepped up to protect New York from being easily inundated with concealed weapons and to keep guns out of the wrong hands. These measures, in addition to the previous anti-gun violence legislation we passed, are vital in a time when there are more guns than people in America. New York will continue to put the safety and lives of people first, and I thank my conference, President Precipitateand Governor Hochul for their partnership.

President of the Assembly Carl Precipitate said, “The Supreme Court and the gun lobby may value access to guns more than the lives of Americans, but here in New York, we firmly state that this is wrong. This law will help keep New Yorkers safe in public spaces – not just schools and government buildings, but in grocery stores, public transit, restaurants and places of worship. We will continue to fight to protect people from armed violence and to help keep families safe in their communities.

New York Mayor Eric Adams said“The Supreme Court of the United States The bridge decision was the shot heard around the world that aimed to the death for the safety of all New Yorkers. New York City will defend against the ruling and, starting tomorrow, new eligibility requirements for concealed carry permit applicants and restrictions on carrying concealed weapons in “sensitive locations,” as Times Square, will come into effect. We will post signs at every entrance to Times Square informing people passing through that the area is a gun-free zone and that authorized weapon bearers and others may not enter with a firearm unless specially permitted by law. As mayor of New York and a former police officer, my top priority will always be the safety of the 8.8 million people who live in this city, so while the Supreme Court ruling may have opened up another river fueling the sea of ​​gun violence, we are doing everything we can to stem it and make New York the safest major city in America.”

New York State Counties Association Executive Director Stephen J. Aquarium said“Law-abiding firearm owners deserve the right to own and bear firearms. As licensing officers responsible for the authorization of firearms, our job is to ensure fast and safe authorization. We appreciate the governor Hochul’s efforts to incorporate county input during the implementation process. »

Rebecca Fischer, executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, said“Even as the gun industry attacks our sensible gun laws, our communities and our children, we know we can count on the leadership of New York State to protect us time and time again. June, the United States Supreme Court, backed by the gun lobby, revised New York’s Concealed Carry License Act, a law that has helped keep New Yorkers safe for more than a century. In response, our state took swift action by enacting new laws that will strengthen our public transportation permit process and allow New Yorkers to live safely in sensitive areas throughout New York City. We congratulate Governor Kathy Hochul for his commitment to solving the gun violence crisis and saving lives.”

Every city for Firearms Safety Senior Director of State Government Affairs monisha Henley said“As gun violence continues to impact states across the country on a daily basis, policy makers at all levels have a crucial role to play in passing common sense gun safety laws. to keep their communities safe. Hochul and New York lawmakers continue to lead the country in this fight, and we are proud to work alongside them as they lead the way to a safer New York. »

Brady President Kris Brown said“New Yorkers are now safer thanks to Governor Hochul and state legislators who have shown extraordinary leadership in taking the necessary steps to protect their communities from gun violence. The Supreme Court’s decision to interfere with New York laws — laws supported by an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers — was egregious. But today, we can breathe easier knowing that state gun laws remain strong and that state leaders are listening to their residents and responding with life-saving solutions.”

Gifford Law Center for the Prevention of Gun Violence Deputy Chief Counsel David Puccino said“In the wake of the Supreme Court’s reckless decision to strike down New York’s century-old concealed carry law, brave lawmakers across the state have stepped in. These leaders know that the right to bear arms does not replace all other rights, and that common-sense gun safety laws are not only effective, they are also widely popular.The law that comes into effect tomorrow will promote public safety and ensure the safety of New Yorkers, within the limits set by the Court We thank Governor Kathy HochulPresident Karl PrecipitateMajority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Mayor Eric Adams and Speaker Adrienne Adams for their courageous leadership on this life and death issue. »

The State Police and the State Criminal Justice Services Division have also developed Frequently Asked Questions about new gun laws for the public, gun owners and gun dealers. In addition to training and expanded background check requirements, the laws:

  • Prohibit people from carrying their pistol or revolver concealed in sensitive places. People who are not exempt from this restriction under the law can be charged with a felony for violating its sensitive premises provision. The state will launch/has launched a public awareness campaign to educate New Yorkers about these new restrictions.
  • Require monthly checks of license holders to determine if they have any criminal convictions or court orders that may disqualify them from having concealed carry permits. The state will provide this information to local licensing officials for action.
  • Mandate that firearms in unattended vehicles be unloaded and locked in a fire, shock and tamper resistant storage depot that is hidden from view.
  • Expand safe storage requirements if children under 18 or anyone prohibited from owning a firearm lives in a home with firearms, rifles and shotguns

The State Department of Environmental Conservation website has additional information on how the new laws relate to hunting and hunting education activities, which include skeet shooting and trapping competitions. These activities continue to be legal under the new laws.

The state police are also working to implement other requirements that will take effect in 2023: establish state oversight for background checks on firearms (July 1); create statewide permit and ammunition databases (August 1); and partnering with the state’s Criminal Justice Services Division to create an appeal board to review license denials and revocations.

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