Funds raised for sister of Bend Safeway shooting victim; worker killed hailed as a hero; a witness says he hid in his office

(Update: added comments from Surrett’s ex-wife)

Shopper heard dozens of gunshots, thought “I was going to die”

BEND, Oregon (KTVZ) – Sunday evening Safe shooting on Bend’s Eastside resulted in the tragic deaths of a customer in the front of the store and a produce section employee in the back who is being hailed a hero for trying to get rid of the weapon.

Bend resident Glenn Bennett, 84, was shopping at the store and was near the main entrance when he was shot and killed. A GoFundMe page says Glen lived with his sister and helped pay for their house.

Moments later, Safeway employee Donald Surrett Jr., 66, was also shot and killed in the back of the store in the produce section. Police say Surrett engaged with the shooter in an effort to disarm him. His efforts may have helped prevent more deaths.

“Mr. Surrett acted heroically during this terrible incident,” Bend Police Communications Officer Sheila Miller said at Monday’s news conference.

Surrett’s sister-in-law too created a GoFundMe expense help page.

Debora Jean Surrett, the ex-wife of the Safeway worker killed in the attack, told The Associated Press in a phone interview that Surrett served in the military for 20 years as an engineer of fight.

He was not deployed to active combat zones, but in the 20 years they were married from 1975 to 1995, they were stationed in Germany three times and lived on military bases across the states. -United.

“They are trained to be the first to go to war and the last to go home,” she told the AP.

People who were in the area when the gunfire broke out on Sunday evening returned on Monday to pick up all the belongings they had left there, including cars and bicycles.

Bend resident Laura Patterson said she was hiding in a Safeway office when the shooting broke out and returned Monday to retrieve her wallet today, which she dropped as she ran for protection.

Here is his account of what happened:

“I was there, cashing in a Scratch-It (lottery ticket) because I won $30 at Safeway. And I cashed it, and there were no Scratch-Its available at the counter. So I moved to where the machine is, on the left, to 27th (street) and put $20 in the machine.

“One of the employees, a young man with blond hair, came running through the exit near 27 and said to Sophia, the manager, ‘Sophia, someone is shooting in the parking lot!’ Of course I stopped, I saw her go out, she turned around and ran back.

“I heard a few (gunshots) there – I could hear them, then it was coming. So I went back to an office, right there. Someone was closing the door, and I ran over there and I got under a desk and sat there and sobbed.

“It was so loud – I heard 25 or more gunshots, and I thought they were at the office door because I had never seen gunshots before. When it all quieted down , the gentleman with me went and knocked on the door a couple of times, and we waited. I heard someone yelling, “Get down on the floor!” earlier, and I assumed that was it. was the police, because I heard sirens.

I asked Patterson what thoughts went through her head when she heard the gunshots.

“I was going to die,” Patterson said.

Patterson said his brother-in-law and sister were also at the scene and were not injured.

A vigil is being held for the victims Monday night in Drake Park beginning at 6:30 p.m., hosted by Central Oregon Moms Demand Action. The group says no candles or flames are allowed, but attendees can use their phone light.

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