Donald Trump is the subject of a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice, according to a report

donald trump is under investigation by the Justice Department as part of its criminal investigation into attempts to nullify the results of the 2020 presidential election, according to a report.

Prosecutors have questioned witnesses testifying before a grand jury in recent days about conversations with the former president, his lawyers and other close advisers about ‘bogus voters’, according to The Washington Post.

Justice Department lawyers asked “hours of detailed questions about meetings Mr. Trump conducted in December 2020 and January 2021; his pressure campaign to overturn the election; and what instructions he gave to his attorneys and advisers about bogus voters and voter removal in states,” two sources told the newspaper on Tuesday.

The sources, who were not named, told the newspaper that some of the questions focused on Mr Trump’s direct role in the “fake voter” scheme, spearheaded by Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman.

In April, prosecutors received phone records from senior Trump White House officials, including his then-chief of staff, Mark Meadows, the Job reported.

“The Washington Post and other news outlets have previously written that the Justice Department is looking into the conduct of Eastman, Giuliani and others in Trump’s orbit. But prosecutors’ level of interest in Trump’s actions has not been previously reported, nor has the review of phone records of top Trump aides,” the newspaper said.

Two people familiar with the investigation told the newspaper that there were “two main leads of the investigation that may ultimately lead to a closer examination of Trump.”

The sources told the newspaper that the former includes a seditious conspiracy and a conspiracy to obstruct government procedure, the kind of charges already filed against the leaders of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, who did not enter the Capitol on January 6. but helped plan what happened. the.

The Job says the second, could include possible fraud related to the “fake voters” scheme or the pressure put on the DoJ by Trump and his allies to falsely claim voter fraud.

It comes the same day Attorney General Merrick Garland said NBC Nightly News that the DoJ planned to prosecute anyone “criminally responsible for obstructing the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another.”

“Look, the Department of Justice has conducted the most extensive investigation in its history,” he said.

“And the committee is also carrying out an extremely wide-ranging investigation. It is inevitable that there will be things they find before we have found them. And it is inevitable that there are things that we find that they did not find. This is what happens when you have two large surveys going on at the same time.

Mr Garland gave a rare interview about an ongoing investigation after he was the target of anger from the left over his pace and was accused on Twitter of slowing it down during an election year.

But in recent days, former Vice President Mike Pence’s former chief of staff, Marc Short, and his attorney, Greg Jacob, both appeared before the grand jury in Washington DC.

Mr. Trump was also in Washington on Tuesday, to deliver his first speech there since leaving the White House for Florida in January 2021.

In the speech to the America First Policy Institute, Mr Trump claimed he had ordered the Secret Service to clean up homeless encampments in Washington DC.

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