Donald Trump is not invited to Queen’s funeral and Joe Biden will have to take the bus

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If Donald Trump thought his Queen Elizabeth hagiography published on his Truth Social site and the Daily Mail in the days after his death secure him an invitation to his funeral, he will be disappointed.

Because it has been revealed that Trump, who would have sought an invitation, will ultimately not receive an invitation to attend the Queen’s funeral next Monday in London.

Contrary to tradition, former US presidents will not be invited to attend the funeral. Instead, the honor will only be granted to current heads of state and their spouses or partners, apparently due to pressure on space.

The revelations were made in a report by the website Policybased on documents they have seen that have been distributed to embassies and ambassadors as long-running arrangements for the Queen’s death, dubbed Operation London Bridge, kick into action.

The London time reported“Questions have been raised in the United States as to whether Donald Trump will be invited, but British sources have rejected the idea that he could accompany the American delegation and said there would be no room for Biden’s predecessors.”

CBS News reported Monday that President Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, would be the only official U.S. representatives at the funeral. “There will be no delegation because we only have two places for the funeral”, a senior official said CBS senior White House and political correspondent Ed O’Keefe.

Before Trump was snubbed, advisers hoped President Biden’s delegation would invite Trump.

“Biden should include Trump, like Obama [was] included with for Mandela,” a senior Trump adviser told The Daily Beast. “No fuss.”

A Trump spokesperson did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Monday morning.

UK Foreign Office guidelines state: “Due to the limited space for the State Funeral Service and associated events, no other members of the Director’s family, staff or entourage may be admitted. .”

Trump was seen by some as making a clear plea for an invitation when he wrote on Truth Social that meeting the Queen was “the most extraordinary honor of my life.”

Trump has often bragged about his relationship with the Queen, saying they ‘got along wonderfully’ when they met when he was president, and a scheduled 15-minute meeting organically extended. at one hour because of the quality of their personal interaction.

The London time reports that the White House caught the Palace “off guard” when Biden announced to reporters his intention to attend the event, and that “Australia and New Zealand are engaging in soft diplomacy to transport leaders from the Pacific to London for the funeral”.

Foreign dignitaries have also been asked to take commercial flights to the UK, to avoid the use of helicopters and have been told they will have to travel to the site, Westminster Abbey, by shuttle bus rather than by their state cars.

“Multiple and comprehensive layers of security will be in place across London and at all official venues used for state funerals and associated events,” an official document read.

Politico quoted a WhatsApp message from a London-based foreign ambassador saying, “Can you imagine Joe Biden on the bus?”

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