Daughter Says QAnon Radicalized Walled Lake’s Dad Before Killing Mother, Dog and Injured Sister

MURE LAKE, Michigan. – The 21-year-old daughter of a man who police said they killed his wife, the family dog ​​and seriously injured his 25-year-old daughter says his father was radicalized by QAnon. QAnon is an online conspiracy that believes in an elite pedophile cult that planned the COVID pandemic and stole the election. Rebecca … Read more

Justice Department subpoenas more than 30 people in Trump’s orbit during Jan. 6 investigation

CNN — The senior officials of donald trumpthe former president’s political fundraiser and former campaign operation are among dozens of people in the former president’s orbit who have received grand jury subpoenas in recent days – as the department of Justice intensifies its criminal investigation into January 6, 2021according to several sources familiar with the … Read more

White House scrambles to avert impending railroad strike

President Biden called on union leaders and railroad companies on Monday, demanding an agreement to avert a nationwide railroad strike days before much of the country’s transportation infrastructure is shut down, a House official says. White. Biden administration officials have also begun preparing for a potential shutdown, warning that a strike could seriously harm the … Read more

Trump lawyers oppose Justice Department efforts to regain access to seized documents

Washington— Lawyers for former President Donald Trump on Monday urged a federal judge to continue to block Justice Department investigators from reviewing more than 100 sensitive documents seized by the FBI during its Mar-a-Lago raid, the last of the legal back and forth. between the former president’s legal team and federal prosecutors. In a 21 … Read more

Starbucks will unveil its “reinvention” strategy at Investor Day on Tuesday

CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz in New York. Steve Ferman | Getty Images Starbucks set to unveil reinvention plan on Tuesday as coffee giant grapples with changing consumer behavior, outdated store designs and a U.S. union push The strategy is the brainchild of outgoing interim CEO Howard Schultz, who returned to the role in the … Read more