Brittany Aldean says words were ‘taken out of context’ after backlash – Billboard

Brittany Aldean got into a heated feud with country stars Maren Morris and Pope Cassadee over the weekend, after the wife of Jason’s side posted a transphobic joke on Instagram.

After the backlash, Brittany took to Instagram on Wednesday (August 31) to share her new product, which features the words “Don’t tread on our kids” in classic Barbie font. Billboard has contacted Mattel for a comment on the font. “As usual, my words have been taken out of context over the past week,” she captioned the post. “Instead of being twisted by the twisting of my words, I chose to derive good from them. Introducing our NEW Barbie LIVE inspired line** With this launch, we will be giving back and supporting @operationlightshine in their efforts to help fight child exploitation and human trafficking.


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On Aug. 23, Brittany came under fire for a makeup video she posted with the caption, “I would really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girl life.

In a more wordy statement via instagram stories On Friday (August 26), Brittany expanded on her thoughts on transgender youth and their rights to gender-affirming care: worst evils. I will always support my children and do whatever I can to protect their innocence,” she wrote. “The other day Memphis wanted to be a dinosaur and tomorrow Navy wants to be a cat. They are children. Some parents want so much to be accepted by society that they are ready to make life-changing decisions for their children are not old enough to fully understand the consequences of those actions. Love protects your child until he is mature enough as an adult to make his own life decisions. I am grateful to my parents for m allowed me to go through my tomboy phase without changing gender.

In response to the transphobic comments, Cassadee Pope wrote on Twitter, “You’d think celebrities with cutie marks would see the benefits of including LGBTQ+ people in their posts. But instead, we hear someone compare their “tomboy phase” to someone wanting to transition. Really nice.

Maren Morris replied in agreement to Pope’s tweet, writing: “Is it so easy, like, not to be a human bastard? Sell ​​your clips and zip them up, Barbie Insurrection.

On Instagram, Morris went on to talk about Brittany Aldean with Pope: “You know, I’m glad she didn’t become a boy either because we really don’t need another dude in the world. It sucks when the Karens try to hide their homophobia/transphobia behind their “child protection”. Were they not put their children in “Biden-is-a-pedo” shirts on social media? It looks like a really safe way to protect them from millions of eyes! F— until Barbie Insurrection and the other IBs hanging around this comments section with their hypocritical, hateful a–es.

Transgender is a term for anyone whose gender does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. Gender identity is also not the same as gender expression, i.e. being a “tomboy”. According to human rights campaign, which offers information and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, “At some point, almost all children will engage in behaviors associated with different genders – girls will play with trucks, boys will play with dolls, girls will hate wearing dresses and boys will insist on wearing them – and gender-nonconforming behavior does not necessarily mean a child is transgender. That said, sometimes these behaviors can tell us how a child may feel about their gender – some children who identify with a gender other than the one assigned to them when they were toddlers.

The HRC adds: “The general rule for determining whether a child is transgender or non-binary (rather than gender nonconforming or gender variant) is if the child is consistent, insistent and persistent about their transgender identity.”

Prepubescent transgender children can often begin a social transition, changing names and pronouns, or wearing a style that best matches their identity. Legal changes to names and genders given in identification documents are also possible. Transgender children are not offered puberty blockers or hormone treatments until they reach puberty, and medical guidelines generally do not recommend gender-affirming genital surgeries until a child has reaches the age of 18.

See the GLAAD page here for more transgender information and resources.

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