Breitbart Slammed for Doxxing FBI Agents Involved in Mar-a-Lago Raid

Breitbart Doxxing FBI Agents Donald Trump Backlash
Breitbart is torn for releasing the names of FBI agents involved in this week’s raid on ex-President Donald Trump’s vacation home. Another group of FBI agents are pictured in this photo taken in Milford, Michigan on May 24, 2006.
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Conservative media Breitbart has been criticized for publishing the names of FBI agents involved in the former president’s raid donald trumpis at home.

Breitbart released a leaked version of the Mar-a-Lago search warrant on Friday, including the names of an FBI special agent and a supervising agent. The agents both signed their names on receipts for property seized from Trump’s home, including boxes of classified documents that may have contained nuclear secrets. A redacted version of the warrant, which omitted the names of the officers, was officially released hours later.

Commentators quickly took Twitter to accuse Breitbart, an outlet previously run by the former Trump adviser steve bannon, doxxing – the practice of identifying someone or disclosing personal information about them, often with the intent of enabling targeted harassment. Some have also accused Trump of leaking the warrant to Breitbart in hopes of targeting the agents.

“[U.S. Attorney General Merrick] Garland called on Trump to make the warrant public,” tweeted digital strategist Alan Rosenblatt. “Trump tried to get one on Garland, releasing a warrant to Breitbart, without redacting the FBI agent names. That’s right, Trump doxxed FBI agents serving a legal search warrant. Once again , Trump incites violence.”

“It should also be noted that they released the names of FBI agents, which serves no purpose other than to expose them to threats and harassment,” said legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti. . tweeted. “Breitbart is also confused as to the meaning of ‘SSA’. It refers to Supervisory Special Agent, an FBI supervisor.”

“Trump, via Breitbart, released an unredacted copy of the property receipt containing the names of the FBI agents,” tweeted attorney Mark S. Zaid. “Based on his history, this can only be interpreted as intentional to cause grief to these special agents (one of whom I know) and their families and to subject them to possible threats.”

“From what I can tell, the court unsealed it – but before that happened, Trump himself leaked it to Breitbart,” author Tessa Dare tweeted. “But the version he leaked contained the NAMES OF FBI AGENTS, while the official unsealed version kept them redacted to protect them and their families. A**hole.”

“[Breitbart] including the names of the individual FBI agents involved in the search”, Elephant Journal tweeted. “The court released the release of the warrant redacting this sensitive information. The Trump team just put a target on the officers and their families. That’s 100% the intent.”

“Trump’s social media platform sent out a push alert this afternoon to an article containing an unredacted version of the search warrant that included the names of two FBI agents,” tweeted CNN correspondent Donie O’Sullivan. “The names of these agents are now circulating on pro-Trump social media and are being reviled.”

“So … when Trump leaked the warrant documents to the WSJ, Fox & Breitbart this afternoon, the names of the displaced FBI agents have not been redacted,” news anchor Ed Greenberger said. tweeted. “Anyone who thinks Trump cares about America or Americans is a fool.”

The FBI has received an increase in violent threats following conservative rage over the raid on Trump’s home. Director of the FBI Christophe Wray denounced the threats, saying Wednesday, “violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter what bothers anyone.”

Less than 24 hours before Trump’s search warrant was leaked to Breitbart, an armed Trump supporter who had recently advocated killing FBI agents online was shot dead by police after he allegedly tried to break into the FBI’s field office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Newsweek contacted Breitbart for comment.

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