The love horoscope for each zodiac sign for Saturday April 9th, 2022

For Saturday love horoscope by zodiac sign, resident astrologer Aria Gmitter shares on April 9, 2022 how current astrological events are affecting you

Venus and the Sun are what we call “Exalted” at the moment, meaning these planets are in their strongest position and ready to reach their highest potential.

That Sun in Aries teaches us to love and honor ourselves, and Venus in Pisces resonates and reflects unconditional love for others.

There is a balance that must take place as we learn to manage relationships in a healthy way.

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According to Saturday astrology, how do these energies affect your zodiac sign?

Read on what the love horoscope for Saturday April 09, 2022 has in store for your zodiac sign.


Aries, it takes a lot to be bold in love. Sometimes things you feel don’t make sense, but you know in your heart there is a reason. You need to take a stand in the area of ​​your love life.

You may have to go forward blindly, not knowing if you will end up empty-handed, but for the sake of love you hold on.

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