Coi Leray & Benzino clash again at Breakfast Club interview

Coi Leray was watching The Breakfast Club yesterday to talk about music, relationships and life before her Release of the debut album. During the interview, Leray mentioned that she and her father, rapper and TV personality Benzino, improved their relationship after her public feud last year. A while ago, however, Leray fired off a series of tweets aimed at her father, showing that their relationship still needs work.

The “Blick Blick” rapper first tweeted that her father allegedly threatened her and her mother via text message. She also informed the public that the reason Benzino started broadcasting threats is that he was unhappy with Leray calling him “broke” during their performance The Breakfast Club.

Leray then followed with a series of five more tweets, explaining her frustration and even apologizing for insulting her father, but stood firm when it came to the threats he was sending her mother. “I hate taking this shit on social media but my dad needs help,” she tweeted. “Sorry if I offended you at the breakfast club but don’t treat me or my mother because you hate to admit we were broke according to the source.”

She continued by telling her father to grow up and get over it, saying he’s too caught up in the past to realize the harmful things he’s doing and saying. Leray even goes on to say that her father’s recent threats are a perfect example of the devil working hard.

“Build a damn bridge and get over it, so I don’t even like to mention his name. That’s why I never mentioned his name coming into this industry because he can’t get over his past and he doesn’t even realize how very harmful he is doing this stuff,” she said.

“The devil is working!!!! THAT’S A PERFECT EXAMPLE, when things are going so well, he gets weird and tries to mess up someone’s life,” she continued.

In the final few tweets of her tirade, Leray refocused on the threats against her mother. She also mentioned that her father sucks the life out of her by constantly trying to argue with her.

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“He texted my mother and threatened her that she was talking about a watch. Grow up. YOU WERE JUST TRYING TO MAKE HER GROW HIP HOP!! WE DON’T WANT THIS LIFE!!!! any opportunity to annoy me and suck the life out of me, I’m tired.”

In the final tweet of the series, Leray’s emotions flashed through a bit as she mentioned that she’s Benzino’s only daughter and that he still has to send her congratulations before her debut album comes out tonight.

“I’m your only damn daughter. You were worried about being called broke on the day of my debut album,” she wrote. “You don’t even text me congratulations, you’re so bitter and angry. I pray for you.”

Not long ago, Benzino hopped onto Twitter to respond to his daughter’s subs. He also thanked Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy for standing up for the ‘old’ folks at Leray’s interview yesterday. She referred to the hosts and her father as “dinosaur” when it comes to versatility and older generations of music.

Benzino went on to claim that the current generation has no respect for those who laid the blueprint for their success. He also says that hip-hop is “40 years young” and those that are truly successful will appeal to both younger and older generations.

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