Bridgerton Intimacy Coordinator on deleted season 2 sex scenes

She said there are “a lot” of sex scenes between Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) that didn’t make it into the final cut.

Bridgeton“Season 2 has been hit with criticism for being “genderless,” but the series’ intimacy coordinator disagrees… at least as to the number of scenes it was originally in the season.

Sure, the cast confirmed that the tense love story between Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and newcomer Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) is stretching to the “female look‘, but what exactly were female viewers (all viewers) staring at?

Kristen Lopez from IndieWire wrote that the second part of the hit Netflix Series feels”diluted‘ to please a wider audience – minus those in the mood for a hot romance. “Gone is the sexiness in favor of a more chaste series that almost everyone can watch together,” Lopez wrote.

vanity fair ran an article titled “Where’s All the Sex Gone in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2?” and Shondaland fans took to it social media to share their split opinion on the pent-up tension between the two new “Bridgerton” leads.

Now, “Bridgerton” intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot is finally responding, where “quite a lot” of these scenes went: the metaphorical floor of the editing room.

“Season 1 was the same, there were a lot of scenes that didn’t make it,” Talbot said shine. “We always make more than we need to, so there are a lot of options in editing. I think that’s a really important thing. I know people were frustrated that there wasn’t more [sex scenes], but it’s part of wanting to do our best. There’s a lot of scenes that don’t make it through to final editing – that’s just the world of the film. What we really trust is that we’re really proud of the sex scenes.”

Season 2 specifically flirted with the idea of ​​”absolute tension,” according to Talbot, and each sex scene was “highly coordinated” to convey that longing.

“I think they nailed it because two things happen at the same time: you build tension, but you also develop so much character,” Talbot said. “If there are two characters that you don’t really know, then the stakes in the intimacy scenes are so much lower.”

And the culminating reward is worth it, according to Talbot: “You invested in these two after watching them for six episodes. After all, they do and you know them really well. You cheer them on. You wanted it all along, and now it’s happening.”

The most challenging sex scene was in Episode 8 where both Bailey and Ashley had to sit across from each other. “It worked really beautifully, but it took a lot to figure out because that angle and position is really difficult on a Regency bed,” Talbot said.

Also, don’t forget Anthony’s sensual gaze during fellatio. “We’ve always been very keen that there needs to be a lot of eye contact between them in that moment,” Talbot added. “This is not a moment they shy away from, this is a moment they are fully committed to. I think the irony is that whenever it’s the other way around, there’s so much emphasis on the woman’s eyes looking up at the man. It’s really nice to be able to flip the script for this.”

Talbot promised many more “gorgeous” simulated sex scenes to come season 3.

Anything you can touch on ‘Bridgerton’ feels amazing. So when you get into those undressing scenes, the actors can really get into it because it feels so gorgeous,” Talbot summarized. “It’s those little details that help create amazing simulated sex scenes. Everything is that extra mile.”

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