5 things to know for April 4th: Ukraine, Hungary, shootings, coronavirus, Grammys

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1. Ukraine

Horrific scenes of mass graves and murdered civilians in Ukraine over the weekend have sparked international outrage as Western leaders call for more decisive action to punish Russia for alleged war crimes. The National Police of Ukraine brought a CNN team to the location of a Mass grave in the city of Bucha, near the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, where up to 300 civilians are buried, according to authorities. However, the Russian Defense Ministry denies killing civilians and claims images of lifeless bodies strewn on the streets are “fake”. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said an independent investigation into the killings was “essential”. At least 1,417 civilians were killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the UN said today, warning that the real death toll is likely much higher. At least 121 of the dead were children.

2. Hungary

Hungary’s authoritarian leader and longtime Russian ally Viktor Orban has done so declared victory in the country’s parliamentary elections, in power for a fourth consecutive term. His election campaign was marked by Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, which was Orban’s undoing long-standing cooperation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the test bench. In his victory speech, Orban called Ukrainian President Zelenskyy an “opponent” that he had to overcome in the election campaign. Despite opinion polls predicting a closer race, Orban’s party won easily in much of the country and held a comfortable lead with 71% of the vote counted last night, Hungary’s National Electoral Committee said. In contrast, opposition leader Peter Marki-Zay failed to win in his own district, where he was mayor.

3. Shootings

Gun violence shook the US this weekend with several deadly shootings. Several suspects opened fire in one go Mass shooting in downtown Sacramento He killed six people yesterday morning and left the California city “heartbroken,” the mayor said. In South Carolina, 5 people were found injured with gunshot wounds after a “chaotic” attack. The shooting unfolded along a country road, the authorities said. Police are also working to uncover details of a Shooting that took place at a concert in Dallas on Saturday that killed one person and injured at least 10 others. On the same day, a Shooting at a Virginia mall One person also died and two others were injured. Investigations into all of these recent shootings are ongoing.


Federal Covid-19 funds are drying up in the US, making it harder for uninsured Americans to access the free resources they need to fight the virus. Many now have to shell out money to get a coronavirus test or to seek treatment if they are ill from the coronavirus threatened end of the federal program which reimburses pharmacies, clinics, doctors, hospitals and other providers for the examination and treatment of uninsured patients. The program specifically stopped accepting new applications last week due to insufficient funds and will not accept new applications for vaccination from uninsured individuals starting tomorrow, officials said. Several industry groups representing vendors are urging lawmakers to revive efforts, particularly as Cases of the BA.2 subvariant Increase in Europe and Asia.

5. Grammys

the Grammy Awards 2022 were presented last night with back-to-back performances by some of the world’s biggest music stars. It was a big night especially for three artists going home the four biggest awards of the evening. Jon Batiste was named Album of the Year for “We Are”, Silk Sonic was named Album of the Year for “Leave the Door Open” and Olivia Rodrigo was named Best New Artist. There was also a mid show Virtual appearance of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who spoke of Ukrainian musicians in protective vests and asked for support. His appearance led to a performance by John Legend singing “Free” while wearing a blue suit, a visual salute to the country of Ukraine. Lenny Kravitz and HER – with Travis Barker on drums – also rocked the house with an epic rendition of “Are You Going to Go My Way.”


NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship

Round of applause for the powerhouse team called the South Carolina gamecocks! Enjoy your lap of honor, ladies!

Woman realizes she won the lottery after already throwing away her ticket

Would you rummage through your trash find a $110,000 lottery ticket? Probably. It’s okay to admit it. We would too.

NASA’s Artemis I mission to the Moon will resume preparations today

Hello space nerds. the next unmanned lunar mission can happen in just two months if all goes well with this start of dress rehearsal. So exciting!

What remains unclear after Will Smith’s slap in the face

Want an update on the infamous slap in the face? It’s been a week since the incident blew up the internet, So here is the state of affairs.

America’s oldest national park ranger retires at 100

Well, loving your job will definitely help you to age so gracefully!


The Senate Judiciary Committee is to review the nomination Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson today before the Supreme Court. Jackson’s confirmation hearing ended March 24 after rounds of questioning and some heated arguments with GOP senators. Last week, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine said she will vote to confirm Jackson in the Supreme Court — the first GOP senator to do so.


$625 million

So much was lost in a lately massive cryptocurrency heist Effects on the Ronin Network. The platform supports Axie Infinity, a popular crypto game that allows paying players to collect digital pets known as “Axies”. It is unclear whether the hacked stocks were insured. Trading on the Ronin platform is currently frozen due to the hack.


“It will be a game decision whether I compete.”

— Tiger Woods, about potential participation in the 2022 Masters golf tournament, which begins Thursday at Augusta National in Georgia. The five-time Masters champion, who sustained serious leg injuries in a vehicular accident last year, has not competed in an official tournament since the 2020 Masters in November this year.



Skateboarding dog

Watch this bulldog walk carefree through the streets of Paris. Let’s all strive to have a carefree Monday like this cool little guy!

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