‘SNL’ uses his version of ‘Fox and Friends’ to round up the week’s headlines, including text messages from Ginni Thomas and Will Smith slapped in the face

The show opened with Fox’s Brian Kilmeade, played by Mikey Day, telling his co-hosts that he had downloaded former President Donald Trump’s social media app truth social.

“I downloaded the app, opened it and my phone immediately got very, very hot. About 140 degrees,” said Kilmeade von Day to Ainsley Earhardt, played by Heidi Gardner, and Steve Doocy, played by Alex Moffat.

The trio then welcomed Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, conservative activist Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, to the show. The couple, played by cast members Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon, were snuggled up on the couch when presenters asked about Clarence Thomas’ recent hospitalization.

“You were just in the hospital, is that right?” Thomas is asked by Thompson.

He chuckles before vaguely replying, “That’s what they say.”

When asked if he had Covid-19, Thompson’s Thomas again gave a short, non-binding answer: “Anything is possible.”

The hosts then turn their attention to the revelation that between November 2020 and January 2021, Ginni Thomas sent multiple text messages to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, urging him to continue efforts to topple Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 , according to several sources.

“Well Ginni, the Left is going insane right now over some perfectly normal text you sent to your pal Mark Meadows on January 6th, isn’t that right?” asks Kilmeade von Day.

McKinnon’s grinning Ginni Thomas replies, “It sure is.”

“And now they want the Honorable Judge to retire. I mean, you’re allowed to speak your mind,” says Doocy von Moffat.

“Yes, and I don’t want any trouble. I take my duty as Yoko Ono of the Supreme Court very seriously. All I want is a tidal wave of biblical vengeance to wash away the crime-ridden Biden family all the way to Gitmo. “Then let’s release the Kraken,” replies McKinnon’s Ginni Thomas.

When asked if his wife spoke to him about their text exchange with Meadows, Thompson’s Clarence Thomas says, “Some say yes, some say no.”

The Fox and Friends hosts then greet Trump via a Facetime call from Mar-a-Lago and ask his opinion on Smith beating comedian Chris Rock during last weekend’s Oscars.

Trump, played by James Austin Johnson, tells the hosts he saw the slap and refers to Smith as his character from the movie “Hitch”.

“You know, I saw a slap. I enjoyed a slap. I was very impressed with my hitch, you know. Pretty much an arm on Hitch, I always knew Hitch had an arm,” says Johnson’s Trump.

“That kind of behavior isn’t going to help Kevin James get a date with Allegra Cole, I’m telling you,” SNL’s Trump says, referring to a storyline from the 2005 comedy.

The hosts then ask the former president about the investigation into the January 6 riot and ask him directly, “Did you pull off a coup d’état, sir?”

“No, no. You know what, there was no coup. It was an event, maybe a take-back event, maybe a coup,” replies Johnson’s Trump.

Then he is asked about it seven hour break in the Jan. 6 White House phone logs and weather, he used a burner phone.

Johnson’s Trump again denies wrongdoing before seemingly admitting to using burner phones.

“No, that’s not right. I have never used a Burner phone. Except maybe on January 6 during those seven hours,” he says.

The cast then joins in for the traditional “Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

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