New VR Games April 2022: All Biggest Releases

Looking for the April 2022 new VR games list? We’ve got you covered with our full rundown.

With the March madness out of the way (check out our Cosmonic High and Moss: Book 2 Reviews), April is shaping up to be another solid month for VR releases, especially Quest. We’re kicking off the release of Green Hell VR next week, and there’s stiff competition in the city-building genre as well. And don’t forget that we’ll likely see plenty of new Quest games announced as part of the Meta Showcase coming later this month.

For now though, let’s dive into the new games and updates that are coming your way very soon.

New VR Games April 2022

The Under Presents Live Performances (April 1) – Quest, PC VR

First of all, if you’re a fan of live VR events, note that the actors will be returning to The Under Presents this month. You can jump into the social VR experience at specific times to find people roaming the theatrical wasteland putting on dynamic performances. If you’ve never tried it, then you’ll be delighted; There’s nothing quite like it in home-based VR.

Green Hell VR (April 7th) – Quest 2

After a SteamVR reveal earlier this year, the Quest 2 version of Green Hell VR finishes first out of the gate. Survive in a tropical jungle where almost everything wants to kill you by crafting items and foraging for food. It’s a full port of the existing flat screen game. The PC VR version should follow in May or June.

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase (April 20)

Okay, so not something you’ll actually be playing, but if you’re at all interested in VR gaming then you should definitely tune into the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase on April 20th. Expect new game announcements and fresh looks at upcoming titles, including news from Among Us, Cities: VR and Tripwire Interactive. Of course we bring you all the news.

Small Towns (April 21) – Quest

Published by nDreams, Little Cities is a laid-back city builder in which you populate idyllic islands with roads, buildings, and services while attempting to create sprawling urban hotspots. Playing from the god mode perspective, you lay tracks and place hospitals and schools while trying to meet the needs of your citizens. It’s a promising project, but it’s not the only city builder coming to Quest this month.

Cities: VR (April 28) – Quest 2

Yes, you read that right other The VR city building simulator will be released just a week after Little Cities. However, Cities: VR is a spin-off of the popular Skylines game, bringing many of its core mechanics to Quest 2. Expect a richly detailed management simulation with the ability to bring your creations to life like never before.

Ultrawings 2 (April) – PC VR

Having missed the March window, the PC VR version of Ultrawings 2 is now slated to release sometimes in April. We’re hoping for a visually enhanced version of one of our favorite VR games of 2022 so far, featuring five different planes to pilot in countless missions. Hopefully HOTAS support should also make this the final version of the game.

Requirement VR (April) – PC VR

Hinge developer Arcadia is back with a new co-op zombie survival game. Craft weapons from household items and fight the undead like never before. This is now an Early Access build of the game, so expect more to be added in the coming months.

And that is the list of new VR games in April 2022! What are you going to get? Let us know in the comments below.

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