Notre Dame Field Report: Offense (April 2)


• Absent from practice number 8 of the Irish Athletics Complex’s spring practice was wide receiver Joe Wilkins Jr. who broke his foot a week ago – we were told a Lisfranc injury. but Deion Colziewho was in the red jersey last Saturday was back in action.

• Interesting to see only three attacking players – Josh Lugg, Drew Pyne and Avery Davis – among the 12 line leaders as the Irish flex was headed. Jarrett Patterson would be with that group but he was in the north east corner of the Irish Athletics Complex where the injured players were riding stationary bikes and doing various stretches/workouts.

Among the offensive players in the group were Patterson, other offensive players Joey Tanona, Billy Schrauth and Pat Cooganas well as tight ends Pipe Berrong.

• Vor Flex, former Notre Dame defensive line coach Gregory Mattison was speaking to Offensive Line Coach Harry Hiestand. Former Irish greatness Quenton Nelson was there. Assistant trainer on the offensive line Chris Watts was speaking to the Irish Defense Coordinator AlGolden. Watt nodded as he took the veteran defensive coach’s sage advice.


• As we saw a week earlier, Notre Dame’s offense and defense worked on a tackle/lock/angle drill to open up practice with running backs and tight ends swing passes from the quarterbacks with a defensive player prone in the upfield. The defender then comes up to form an open field (no tackle).

The drill favors the offensive player. And so only a handful of full-force defenders were able to successfully tackle the offensive player, and no fellow defenders to take advantage of the play. The “defensive wins” through Jordan Botelho, Bo Bauerdj brown, JD Bertrand and linebackers Niuafe Tuihalamaka came against walk-on tight end Charlie Selna, tight end Michael MayrSelna, run back Logan Diggs and walk-on running back Chris Velotta.

• In the third period of the allotted five games open to the media, the offensive line and tight ends went outside for individual and combo work. During this time running backs coach Deland McCullough had a row of large garbage cans lined up to represent the offensive linemen. The running backs were ordered — per a McCullough executive order — to stick to hitting the right gap McCullough detailed earlier in the week. McCullough was seen drawing an imaginary line and emphasizing hitting a specific gap. The high and tight control of football was also emphasized.

• While the recipients performed exercises to exit blocks, Avery Davis was on his own agenda and moving pretty well for a man coming out of ACL surgery last fall. He looks forward to an injury-free summer.

• Throwing against the air, the most difficult of the routes were deep-ins executed by the wide receivers. Tyler Buchner thrown behind Jayden Thomas and Drew Pyne missed low badly to Colzie. Then Buchner missed Braden Lenzi. After that, however, Buchner and Pyne were almost perfect in their throws Lorenzo stylesMatt Salerno, Colzie, Thomas and Lenzy.

Buchner executed swing passes accurately Audric appreciationtight end Kevin Bauman and run back Jadarian priceand from Pyne to Mayer, Bauman and Mitchell Evans.

• Consistent with his throwing motion, Buchner is tight and compact with accuracy. His release comes quickly. Those are three practices seen by the media that Buchner was most specific about.

• Buchner shot behind Lenzy on an up-and-down route drill but found Matt Salerno square Chris Tyree in step on a swing pass. Pyne was on the same stretches as were Styles, Colzie, Estime and a walk-on running back Chase Ketterer. Each round in this exercise is thrown by a novice Steve Angeli was on target Jayden Thomaswalk-in wide receiver Conor Ratigan, Logan Diggs and Chris Velotta. Freshman quarterback in red shirt Ron Powlus III was exactly closed Jadarian price.

• As we saw in last Saturday’s practice, offense and defense worked to break out of a trips formation (offensive) and spread the passing pattern (defensive). Not surprisingly, the first rep was immediately diagnosed by linebackers Bo Bauer and Jack Kiser. Broaden Lorenzo styles was hit by a physical one Marist Liufau. This is Notre Dame’s inaugural linebacker corps. you are good

offensive coordinator Tommy Rees delved into his playbook as offense and defense played a game of cat and mouse. A little deception from the snap of the soccer ball shook Michael Mayr free for a pass from Drew Pyne. security Ramon Henderson got the best of styles on the line of scrimmage.

Another misleading route released from rides Braden Lenzi on a pass from Drew Pynebut red-shirt sophomore cornerback Chance Tucker almost caught a circus catch. Back race Logan Diggs successfully absorbed a big hit from safety Xavier Watts. Buchner threw a dangerous pass on a play well diagnosed by the defense. The pass fell completely. Close end Kevin Bauman abused Jaylen Sneed in a trip block assignment.


It was a really colorful mix for kickers Josh Bryan and Blake group. Each attempted six field goals early in practice.

Bryan was good from 32, far left from 35, good from 37, good from 43, good from 46 and far left from 50. Grupe was far left from 34, far right from 36, good from 42, good from 44, good from 48 and far left of 50.

Grupe continues to show the more explosive leg with more of a line drive kick approach, while Bryan is theoretically less likely to block a kick with his trajectory. Both showed a good smack off their right kick foot but had some direction issues.

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